1 Hair Stop, a leading hair extension brand

1 Hair Stop

The brainchild of two sisters, Richa and Raina, 1 Hair Stop is the mecca for hair extensions in India, specializing in creating high-quality, long-lasting virgin hair extensions in different textures, lengths and types.

Striving to impact the lives of women, the rapidly growing firm continues to deliver on its primary goal of offering modern women hair extensions for all of their demands.

The Hyderabad-based startup, founded on the passion to solve an issue that women could not previously seek help for, has evolved into a go-to destination for females looking for hair extensions, toppers, seamless clip-ins, wigs, messy buns, cover-up patches, and push-up patches, amongst other things.

Despite being the world’s largest supplier, the dynamic duo recognized that there was little demand for hair extensions in India.

As a result, they developed their own line of hair products to meet women’s needs beyond those of simple beauty and provide them with a renewed sense of confidence.

Driving innovation from her family’s business in the hair industry and carefully analyzing client demands and trends while working as a sales coordinator prompted Richa, along with Riana’s previous experience in digital marketing, to launch their own hair extension brand.

Today, 1 Hair Stop has not only established a bold precedent in India’s D2C hair sector but has also paved the road for other brands to develop and cater to the country’s expanding online consumer base.  

With a motive to establish the brand as 1 stop solution for all hair care needs, Richa serves as the brand ambassador of the products, Raina formulates strategies and marketing campaigns and their brother Hritik is in charge of the factory operations and pricing strategy of the company’s products.

Having proved their caliber and potency, 1 Hair Stop boasts over 1000 SKUs, the widest selection of colours and product variants, a quick pipeline to production, customized products, and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Built on the tenets of consistent quality and customer satisfaction, 1 Hair Stop’s strength resides in its creative marketing strategy, flexibility to innovate, and ability to develop new products.

The company is distinguished by its distinctive array of items, which are both inexpensive and of excellent hair quality.

In addition, their star products—hair toppers made from scratch, seamless clip-ins for brides, middle-aged individuals looking to add volume to their heads, wigs, and messy buns—have made them the favoured option for women.

With the largest pool of positive reviews of any brand in the country, 1 Hair Stop is an organic, bootstrapped, first-mover manufacturing and product-centric company built on trust.

Having faced several challenges in the initial business setup stage, it was their father’s groundwork and their digital expertise that led the sisters to build a seamless brand.

With the goal of becoming a hair innovation powerhouse in India that women can rely on for their multiple important moments and most delicate insecurities, the brand strives for maximum customer satisfaction.

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Furthermore, as part of its constructive expansion plans, 1 Hair Stop seeks to establish its offline presence in addition to diversifying its online presence.