10 Low-Cost Startup Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs in India

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Are you a young entrepreneur looking for low-cost startup ideas in India? Starting your own business doesn’t have to break the bank.

With the right mindset and a little creativity, there are plenty of opportunities to build a successful venture on a shoestring budget.

Low-Cost Startup Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Here, we’ve compiled 10 exciting startup ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but can lead to big rewards.

From food delivery to event planning, let’s explore what options are out there for budding entrepreneurs like you!

1. Food Delivery

Food delivery is a service that has gained immense popularity in recent years. With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, people are always looking for quick and convenient ways to get their meals without having to go out of their way. As a young entrepreneur, starting a food delivery business can be an excellent low-cost startup idea.

One approach could be partnering with local restaurants or chefs who don’t have the resources to offer home delivery services.

You can provide them with your own fleet of drivers or use third-party apps like Swiggy, Zomato or Uber Eats as partners.

Marketing your food delivery business creatively will help you stand out from the competition. Focus on offering unique dishes and specialized menus that cater to specific dietary needs such as veganism or gluten-free options.

Another great way to reduce costs is by using eco-friendly packaging options like biodegradable containers made from corn starch instead of plastic ones.

Launching a food delivery service requires some effort but it’s one of those low-investment ideas that can lead to high returns if done right!

2. Laundry Service

Laundry is one of the most basic and common household chores that everyone has to deal with. However, not everyone has the time or energy to do their laundry regularly. This creates a good opportunity for young entrepreneurs in India to start a low-cost laundry service.

Starting a laundry business requires minimal investment as all you need initially are some washing machines, dryers, and cleaning supplies.


You can offer different packages based on your customer’s needs such as wash-and-fold or ironing services.

When it comes to promoting your business, word-of-mouth marketing can be an effective strategy. Partnering with local hotels or hostels can also help increase visibility and boost sales.

Hiring reliable staff who know how to handle different types of fabrics will ensure customers keep coming back. Additionally, offering pick-up and delivery options can make your service more convenient for busy individuals.

Providing eco-friendly detergents and fabric softeners is another way businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors while showing concern for the environment.

Starting a low-cost laundry service is an excellent startup idea for young entrepreneurs looking for an easy-to-manage venture that provides essential services in India’s fast-paced urban areas.

3. Waste Management

Waste management is a crucial issue in India, with the country generating over 62 million tonnes of waste annually. The mismanagement of waste leads to environmental pollution, bacterial infections and other health hazards.

One low-cost startup idea for young entrepreneurs is to venture into the field of waste management. Entrepreneurs can set up waste collection centres at various locations and collect different types of wastes like paper, plastic, glass and e-waste.

These collected wastes can be sold to recycling plants where they are processed and reused in manufacturing new products. Entrepreneurs can earn money by selling these collected wastes while also helping the environment.

Another innovative approach could be converting organic waste into compost through vermiculture or aerobic/anaerobic digestion process which can help farmers with fertilizers that will benefit their crops without any harm caused by chemical fertilizers.

In addition to earning profits from selling recyclable materials or composting services, entrepreneurs can also create awareness about proper disposal methods among local communities by conducting workshops on efficient household techniques for sorting out trash.

Venturing into the field of Waste Management as a low-cost startup idea not only helps young entrepreneurs earn money but also promotes sustainable living practices amongst society while having positive impacts on our planet’s ecosystem.

4. Recycling

Recycling has become increasingly important in recent years as we strive to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Young entrepreneurs can take advantage of this trend by starting a recycling business that focuses on collecting and processing recyclable materials.

One option is to start a curbside recycling program in your community, where you collect recyclables from households and businesses and transport them to a local recycling center for processing.


You could also focus on collecting specific types of materials, such as paper or plastic, which can then be sold to manufacturers who will recycle them into new products.

Another idea is to create upcycled products using recycled materials. This involves taking discarded items like old furniture or clothing and transforming them into something new and useful – think repurposed wine bottle lamps or tote bags made from recycled denim jeans.

To get started with your recycling business, research local regulations around waste management and find out what resources are available for small businesses looking to enter the industry. With some hard work and creativity, your startup could make a real impact on reducing waste in your community while generating revenue at the same time.

5. Urban Farming

Urban farming is becoming a popular trend among young entrepreneurs in India. It is the practice of growing fruits, vegetables, and other plants in urban areas using limited space like rooftops, balconies or even small yards.

With increasing concerns about food security and sustainability, urban farming offers a promising solution to address these issues.

One advantage of urban farming is that it requires less space compared to traditional agriculture. This makes it ideal for those who live in heavily populated cities where land is scarce and expensive.

Organic Farming Business

Additionally, since the produce can be harvested locally, transportation costs are significantly reduced which helps reduce the carbon footprint.

Another benefit of urban farming is that it provides fresh produce directly to consumers without going through intermediaries such as wholesalers or retailers.

This not only ensures healthier and safer foods but also creates opportunities for farmers to earn more money by selling their products at higher prices than what they would receive from wholesale markets.

Moreover, Urban Farms can serve as spaces of education too – schools use them as outdoor classrooms while others organize tours so people can learn more about sustainable agriculture firsthand!

With its numerous benefits including low startup costs and high potential profits due to increased demand for local food production amongst health-conscious consumers today’s young entrepreneurs should definitely consider venturing into Urban Farming!

6. Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a popular startup idea for young entrepreneurs in India. With the rise of sustainable and ethical fashion, consumers are looking for unique pieces that are handmade with care. Starting a handmade jewelry business requires creativity, attention to detail, and an eye for design.

One advantage of starting a handmade jewelry business is that it can be done on a small scale with low overhead costs.

Shop Jewelry

Materials such as beads, wire, and leather can be purchased at affordable prices from local markets or online suppliers. This makes it possible to create beautiful pieces without breaking the bank.

Another advantage is that there’s always room for innovation in this field. You can experiment with different materials such as recycled plastics or natural fibers to create eco-friendly jewelry options. You could also specialize in creating custom-made designs for customers who want something truly unique.

Marketing your handmade jewelry business can be done through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook where you can showcase your creations using high-quality photos and videos. Online marketplaces like Etsy offer opportunities to sell your products globally.

Starting a handmade jewelry business may require patience and perseverance but it offers endless possibilities for creative expression while making money doing what you love most – crafting beautiful things by hand!

7. Soap Making

Soap making is a low-cost startup idea that has been gaining popularity among young entrepreneurs in India. With the growing demand for natural and handmade products, soap making can be an excellent business opportunity that requires minimal investment.

The process of soap making involves mixing oils or fats with lye to create a chemical reaction known as saponification.


This results in the production of soap bars that are free from harmful chemicals and additives found in commercial soaps.

One of the advantages of starting a soap-making business is its versatility. Soap makers can experiment with different scents, colors, and designs to cater to various customer preferences. Moreover, they can source ingredients locally, thereby reducing costs and supporting local farmers.

Another advantage is the potential for online sales through e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Etsy. Social media platforms like Instagram also offer an excellent platform to showcase handmade soaps visually.

Soap making offers limitless opportunities for creativity and profitability while promoting sustainability and health-consciousness among consumers.

Young entrepreneurs who are passionate about skincare and wellness should consider venturing into this promising industry.

8. Natural Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. People are becoming more conscious about the harmful chemicals present in regular cosmetics and are switching to natural alternatives.

One low-cost startup idea for young entrepreneurs is starting their own line of natural cosmetics. With the increasing demand for organic products, there is a huge potential market waiting to be tapped into.

The best part about this business idea is that it can be started with minimal investment. Natural ingredients like honey, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and essential oils can be used to create a range of skincare and beauty products like body butters, lip balms, soaps, face masks and scrubs.

Entrepreneurs can easily sell these products online through social media platforms or by creating their own website. They could also participate in local markets or pop-up shops to showcase their creations.

Starting a natural cosmetic business not only has great earning potential but also contributes towards making the world eco-friendly by promoting sustainable living practices.

9. Home Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Home cleaning is always a necessary task, and it can be an excellent startup idea for young entrepreneurs in India. Many people are too busy to clean their homes regularly, so they will appreciate any help that you can offer.

To start a home cleaning business, you need to have some basic equipment and supplies such as cleaning agents, brushes, mops, vacuum cleaners etc.

If you want to keep the cost low when starting out your business you may choose eco-friendly products or make your own natural cleaning solutions.

You also need to know how much time it takes to clean different spaces in homes. This way you could provide an accurate estimate of the cost of service depending on the house size or specific requirements from customers.

Marketing your home cleaning services through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram ads can help grow awareness around your brand quickly and affordably.

You might also want to consider partnering with real estate agencies who can refer clients who recently moved into new properties that require thorough deep-cleaning services before moving in.

Starting a home cleaning business requires effort but is easy enough for anyone interested – just ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality work every time!

10. Event Planning

Starting a low-cost business in India may seem challenging at first, but with the right attitude and creativity, anything is possible.

These ten startup ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possibilities for young entrepreneurs. With hard work and dedication, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Event planning is one such promising industry that has seen rapid growth in recent years. As more people want to host memorable events without having to worry about all the details themselves, event planners have become increasingly in demand.

Start Event Management Business

From weddings to corporate events, there’s always a need for skilled professionals who can make everything run smoothly.

If you have an eye for detail and love creating unique experiences, event planning could be your calling. You don’t need much investment capital – just some basic equipment like a computer and phone – and you can get started from home.

Plus, as your reputation grows and word-of-mouth spreads about your exceptional services, you’ll likely find yourself getting more referrals than ever before.

Whatever low-cost startup idea you choose to pursue as a young entrepreneur in India – whether it’s food delivery or waste management – remember that success doesn’t come overnight.

It takes time and effort to build something truly great but with perseverance, patience & smart decisions anyone can succeed!

Low-cost startups are a great option for young entrepreneurs in India who have limited resources and want to start their own business.

We hope that our list of 10 low-cost startup ideas has given you some inspiration and motivation to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

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