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Habit Of Brainstorming

To be a writer requires a lot of background preparation before finally starting the writing procedure. The process of good writing is not as simple as it sounds; it involves a lot of preparatory stages as well.

A good writer is always considerate about the pre-writing phase as it is the most important step. Many of you won’t know this but the process of actual writing begins long before the ideas are drafted, it begins in your head as soon as you conceive an idea to write.

Molding the idea and shaping it in your desired way is the first writing step that is most commonly named ‘brainstorming’. If you wish to become a professional writer, you should never overlook the importance of this step.

Great Observation

Another distinctive thing about professional writers is that not only do they have a very strong command over their writing but also over their environment.

We know for a fact that almost all the writers who are now considered classics such as William Wordsworth used to draw inspiration from their surroundings.

This inspiration is what led him to write amazing pieces of poetry so naturally, we can deduce that a good writer needs the inspiration to fuel his writing power.

This also means that a person has to have excellent observation skills in order to become a good writer because eventually, you will have to use imagery in your writing.

Attention To Details

As a good and vivid writer, you need to be very smart about the usage of your sense of sight along with your writing skills.

The best creative writings are those which are rich in imagery and have a very dense explanation of each and every scenario.

It is said in the world of literature that a good piece of writing is something that invokes the visual description in the mind of the reader merely by words.

Thus, as a good writer, you should be quite attentive and pay much attention to the description of each and every scene that you are depicting in your writing.

If you attentively write and do justice to the explanation of each and every character, only then can you write a smacking piece of writing!  

Strong Vocabulary

Another feature that makes you a very good writer is your strong command of vocabulary. As a writer, you must know that the English language has a vast treasure of vocabulary and it is one of the languages that have deep descriptive words.

The art of a true writer is to sort words from the dictionary and then use them meaningfully. Fitting words is actually a true test of your skill and command over the language.

The more effectively you place words, the better your writing would turn out to be. Thus, if you are wishing to become a professional writer, you should try to make a dictionary your best mate and try to polish your vocabulary for extra proficiency!

Time Management

One thing that we want you to know is that writers do have lives other than writing as well. It is a myth that you have to lose yourself in the process of writing.

If you do that, not only will you have to face deep writer’s block but it will also impact your mental health as well.

A good writer isn’t the one who entirely dedicates himself to the process of writing, in fact, it is the one who knows how to do justice to writing and not lose yourself in the process.

By this, we mean that you have to know how to create a humble and healthy balance between you’re your social life and your writing passion. Always remember that your brain is after all not a machine and it too gets tired and exhausted.

High Reading Capacity

To be a good writer not only requires strong writing command but also requires exceptional reading skills. You cannot be a good writer till you know what actually sets the bar for becoming a good writer.

You cannot know and understand what makes a work ’good’ in terms of writing unless you actually read the standardized write-ups.

When you read frequently, you not only gain insight into what a good piece of writing is, but you actually uncover and learn new vocabulary since everyone has different writing styles.

Think of it as learning a new recipe; you get to explore the different tastes and as a result, you gain something delicious for yourself.

The same goes for reading the write-ups of different people just so you get enough exposure to new writing techniques and styles to improve yours!

Becoming a good writer is not as easy as it sounds, it is not like you one day decide to pick up the pen and everyone would readily read your writings.

Engaging the audience and getting them to finally indulge in your write-ups is something that requires a lot in terms of effort and dedication.

If you want to become a professional writer, we want you to know that this route is not going to be easy.

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