10 Reasons AI and ML Courses Will Be in High Demand

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With the rapid advancements in technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses are becoming increasingly popular with students worldwide, and for a good reason.

It’s also likely that the majority of jobs will eventually be taken over by AI bots which is indicative that these courses are highly demanded.

In this article, we’ll list down the top 10 reasons AI and ML courses will be in high demand. Let’s dive in!

1) Artificial intelligence is popular right now

Many companies are, nowadays, rushing to hire employees who can provide solutions to rely on, and academics are delving deep into research to figure out ways where artificial intelligence can improve various tasks.

Though artificial intelligence is a popular skill, there aren’t many experts around to provide information about specific issues or help with problems.

This is where AI and ML come in—by learning about how these work, you’ll be able to produce your own solutions once it becomes more ubiquitous.

And because demand for professionals who understand these two fields will only grow as time goes on, taking Great Learning’s courses on artificial intelligence could be a great way to prepare yourself for future employment opportunities.

2) Lot of Job Opportunities

There are currently a lot of job opportunities for anyone with skills in machine learning, or artificial intelligence.

According to many experts, there’s never been more demand for high-level skill sets than there is right now.

If you want to get ahead of your peers and land one of these jobs, it’s time to start learning how these technologies work.

Even if you don’t plan on using them at your current job, they could come in handy when you change positions.

3) The Field is Expanding Rapidly

Today, there are many colleges and institutes offering degrees or certificates in AI-related fields. The number of new schools joining the list of top universities that offer courses on artificial intelligence is growing at a rapid pace.

As interest in these programs grows, so does their value. Students holding an undergraduate or graduate degree program in machine learning can expect to see higher starting salaries than before, especially if they combine their studies with skills gained through relevant internships.

4) Multiple Career Paths

As demand for people with skills in AI and ML grows, so do the potential career opportunities. From entry-level to executive positions, the jobs related to these fields can be found across a broad range of industries.

The top industries hiring for these professionals included internet software and services, manufacturing, education and training, IT consulting firms & systems integrators, energy companies – oil & gas, banks & investment firms, professional services, and many more.

5) Bootcamps can be delivered by remote learning platforms

An AI or ML Bootcamp can be delivered entirely online. The format is convenient for busy professionals, working full-time or running their own business.

Taking an online course allows you to fit learning into your schedule, instead of fitting your schedule around traditional classroom hours.

It also means you get access to experts in a variety of areas—not just one university department. Plus, you can watch classes on a tablet or computer at home or on your phone when traveling.

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6) Online programs offer flexibility

If you’re looking to explore artificial intelligence but your schedule doesn’t allow for a traditional on-campus program, an online degree can be a good alternative.

You can continue working while pursuing your studies, or take some time off if you prefer to focus solely on learning.

These online programs with all of your learning materials and projects are completed through an online portal or service. You also don’t get to meet professors and classmates face-to-face during class.

7) Learning from home

With the AI ML courses, you can learn at your home, at your own pace. You don’t have to commute to the college or university or complete group assignments with classmates.

You can take breaks at your convenience and continue working when you have time. And since most of these courses are available online, there is no pressure to finish quickly—you can move at yours. With so many options, there’s something for everyone who wants to get into AI and ML-related fields.

8) A Necessary Skill

Although new technologies like AI and ML might be difficult to grasp at first, over time, individuals who want to stay current will have no choice but to learn.

Accordingly, machine learning is currently listed as a required skill. Not only that, many professionals are planning on or actively working toward incorporating machine learning into their operations for ease of work.

The businesses are, in fact, starting to demand workers with specialized knowledge in areas such as data science and cognitive computing—and there’s no turning back.

9) Educators worldwide recognized the demand for more AI ML education

The number of students looking to learn artificial intelligence and machine learning is growing exponentially, yet there are not enough educators to teach them.

As tech companies such as Google and Facebook get better at mining user data for insights into how people behave, how they feel about things, and what their interests are, it’s going to become increasingly important for other businesses to get good at doing so too.

But there’s a problem: They don’t have enough data scientists. And those who do know machine learning can command high salaries.

So if you want to make a career out of using AI to glean insights from big data sets, now might be your best chance—while demand is still relatively low.

10) Free online resources are available

By all accounts, online resources for the best artificial intelligence course online are just as valuable as their on-campus counterparts.

Online classes enable students to pursue a degree from anywhere with an internet connection. In fact, many students choosing online programs can take advantage of free online resources that offer more than textbooks alone.

Some schools provide MOOCs (massive open online courses) for free or at a steep discount. From computer science fundamentals to data analytics to machine learning applications, you won’t want material availability completely!


By now, you know the reasons why these courses are so popular. The fact is, they’re going to fundamentally change how organizations work fundamentally, they offer a brand new skill set that’s highly prized by employers, and there’s no idea what to expect next for the massive growth opportunities. There are many things ahead in AIML.

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