10 Sales Tactics for eCommerce to Gain Repeat Customers

10 Sales Tactics for Ecommerce to Gain Repeat Customers

How to Increase eCommerce Sales

Internet-enabled digitalization has changed the way people trade and commerce. After the slow beginning in the late 90s, the advancement in mobile-phone and allied technologies revolutionized the eCommerce landscape. According to projections, eCommerce sales value will surpass the $27 million mark by 2020. 

Any type of commercial transaction facilitated through the internet can be described as e-commerce or electronic commerce. It usually refers to the sale or transaction of physical products and services online. Ecommerce has enabled large corporations and small businesses, including individuals, to offer their products and services on a global scale as it enhances visibility to levels that were not possible with traditional offline retailing. 

10 Golden Rules to Gain Repeat Customers Ecommerce conversion

It is now well-accepted globally that eCommerce helps businesses expand and scale with better operational efficiency and a healthy bottom-line. Studies have shown that almost half the revenue for eCommerce sales comes from repeat customers. However, it is a challenging task to retain customers in this dynamic digital space. Here are some time-tested golden rules to improve eCommerce conversion rate and boost repeat buying: 

1. Commitment to Outstanding Service 

This is all about enhancing the customer experience. Your whole eCommerce sales process, involving product booking to delivery should be highly time-efficient. That is not all, your follow-up related to cancellation and return process should be smooth and hassle-free. How effectively you respond to queries helps you win and retain customers for the long term. Happy and satisfied customer not just comes back but brings others as well.  

2. Personalized Web Interface 

Your customer data collection and analysis process should be robust to boost eCommerce conversion rate. The user interface should simple and easy to make them feel comfortable while on your website. The data points help you offer customized services according to customer requirements. The search and discoverability of product or service should be suggestion driven, to make it easier for customers to decide. The design and display should be bold to trigger buying behavior. A simple reminder through mail and message could do wonder in winning the repeat customer. 

3. Favorites and WishList Feature 

Information overload makes it difficult for anyone to remember and recall specific things. If your web interface has smart UI for marking favorite and creating wish-list, then it could do wonders in gaining repeat customers. But, the interface should be simple to avoid unnecessary navigation challenges. 

4. Regular But Balance Marketing Emails 

This is all about keeping your customers informed.  The quality email with a smart information display could help you boost eCommerce sales dramatically. But there is a fine line between useful and useless, so be careful while drafting an email for marketing purposes. Overdoing it leads to the junk box.

5. Discounts and Promotions 

You have to make you the customer feel worthy by offering them exclusive discounts and offers. Personalize your communication through email or messaging while offering discounts to boost eCommerce conversion. If you could create chain-discounts linking it to future buying then this could be a mega boost. 

6. Subscribe and Save

If you could offer a smart deal linking it with regular buying then this could do wonders in improving repeat sales. Subscription is a guarantee that your customer will come again. The only precondition is that s/he should remain happy on the product or services front. 

7. Loyalty Program

A reward is the biggest gratification and motivator. You should be in regular touch with your customers with rewards to motivate him to buy more. Depending on the nature of the product/services you could offer loyalty points, without using the word. Make them feel special to be with you. 

8. Packaging as Tool 

You should transform your packaging or shipping boxes as a communication tool to convey the latest happening around the product. This is highly effective, as you are seen in action while carrying the message. But focus on the design aspect to have a better eCommerce conversion rate.  

9. User-Generated Content 

In this era of social media, the buying behavior of an individual heavily depends on what others are saying about you and your product. Encourage your happy customers to share their experiences. This is highly effective in not just boosting the eCommerce sales, but building and positioning brands as well.

 10. Learn and Implement  

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No one trains you better than customers. Your attentive ear could be your gateway to success. Your eCommerce system must have a robust feedback gathering mechanism so that you could evaluate and enhance customer experience further. Your seriousness in listening and implementing could help you win the trust and boost eCommerce sales manifold in a short span of time.