10 Tips for Writing a Book: Learn How to Write a Book

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Have you ever dreamed of having a book published with your name as the author? Well, we think every individual has this fantasy. Just say “write my essays for me” and get a top-notch paper.

However, most of us often fear going through with it because of the difficulty of the process, and obviously, there’s always a risk of whether the book will turn out to be good or not. But trust us, it is as easy as Wiki page writing

Take a look at the following 10 simple tips for writing a book that will help you get your dream come true! 

1. Mark Deadlines 

Since writing a book is a choice for you, most of the time, you might procrastinate and delay it as much as you can.

This often leads to never completing a book. So what you need to do is give yourself a deadline at which you need to finish the book because that’s how you actually will get yourself to writing. 

Moreover, since you are the boss here, there’s always a chance that you might start postponing the deadline. So to avoid that, attach the element of punishment when a deadline is missed. 

2. Set Your Everyday Goal 

On average, most books are about fifty to seventy thousand words or more. Hence, to achieve that target within your mentioned deadline, you need to specify your everyday writing goal.

Aim at a bigger target so you might be able to get a smaller one fulfilled. Try on writing two to three thousand words daily, and this way, you can get your book finished within two months. 

3. Work With A Plan 

Don’t just get on your laptop or typewriter without any idea in mind because even though you might start with good speed but soon you will have to face writer’s block.

Plan an idea for your book and have your plot designed in your mind so that you can draw it through the course of your book. 

4. Develop Characters 

Don’t give out all the information about your characters just in the beginning because that might take the excitement and the element of surprise out of your book. Develop your characters throughout the book to keep your audience interested till the end of it. 

5. Edit at the Last 

Most first-time writers make the mistake of getting a book done chapter-wise; they write and edit each chapter one by one and make the final draft.

While this is not a bad way but this way fails to build a connection between each chapter. Our recommendation is just like Wiki page writing, write the complete book and leave the editing for last. 

6. Try Connecting With Writers 

Most writers don’t end up finishing their books because they suffer from a brief writer’s block and they never get back to writing. What you can do is join a writers’ support group.

This group will help you throughout your journey and keep you motivated and encouraged throughout. Moreover, they can even give you ideas for dealing with your writer’s block. 

7. Develop Hobbies 

While writing, there often will be time that you will feel extremely tired and bored because well it is a job of doing the same thing on a keyboard and sitting all day.

To keep yourself active, you need to have some creative hobbies in your routine. Go out, be social, or even just go for a walk. But make sure you do something else as well in your day! 

8. Write In One Spot 

No matter how many days it takes you to write, make sure you are writing in the same place. Whether it is your working desk at home or a specific table at a specific restaurant, label the place as your writing space. This place will remind you that whenever you are here, you need to write. 

9. Get Impromptu Feedbacks 

Every writer hates it when they complete the whole book and then a publisher gives them a negative feedback and they have to do it all over again.

Just like at Wiki page writing, if you get rejected you have to write it again. So, to avoid that, while in the process of writing get some impromptu feedbacks from the people you trust.

Have a group of your personal reviewers and keep them consistent throughout the journey. They could be your friends or even book editors. Their feedbacks will help you move in the right direction. 

10. Embrace Even If You Fail 

Don’t consider this book to be the end of the world for you. Even if the publisher rejects it or it does not get in the best-sellers after the publishing, it is okay!

Failure does not end you, it grows on you. You need to learn from it and move on to write another book with a new hope. 

The Bottom Line 

Writing a book is not just a task you are performing, it is a journey. It is full of its sweet and sour but you need to be motivated for the end result. Follow the tips we have just mentioned and it will help make your book writing journey a little easier!

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