10 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

With more than a billion users around the world, Instagram is a force in social media—and users with more followers get noticed. There are numerous ways to increase your count, and we’ll go over some of the best strategies below.

Go for Quality, Not Quantity

Instagram started as a photography platform, and it still places significant emphasis on presentation. Users prefer to follow those who share polished, quality content, and it’s easy to get started.

Buy a ring light, edit photos carefully, develop a consistent brand, and remember where to buy real Instagram followers when you’re just starting out.

Share Your Story with The World

Instagram’s Stories are where creators get their time to shine. Not only can you share behind-the-scenes stuff, but you can also interact with followers through questions, polls, and countdowns.

The more you engage with followers, the more likely they are to share content and invite others to join.

Do it Live

Going live takes interactivity to another level. Pin comments, use filters, and host question-and-answer sessions.

To boost your follower count naturally, consider partnering with an influencer or brand that shares your audience.

Schedule Posts

Instagram users tend to follow accounts that post regularly. Research shows that the right time to post is in the morning, especially on weekdays. Create a schedule and adhere to it, planning content submissions to save time and effort.

Create Captions Carefully

Instagram captions have a dual purpose: to make posts more relevant and to help content creators connect with their followers. Use emojis and jokes to add a unique flavor and use hashtags to make posts more searchable.

Become a Promoter

If you need more followers, they need a way to find you. Try the following.

  • Embedding links to Instagram posts in newsletters and blogs
  • Including a link to your account in email and website footers
  • Asking followers to tag your brand in their posts and stories
  • Giving subscribers loyalty points in exchange for following you
  • Using paid posts to expand your reach

Have a Contest That’s Just for Followers

There’s nothing better than a contest to quickly increase follower counts. The rules for these contests are typically simple: to enter and become eligible for a prize, visitors must follow your Instagram account and interact with the post.

Work With Popular Brands and Instagram Influencers

To grow your audience organically, look for potential brand and influencer partnerships. Ideally, their audiences should overlap with yours, sharing interests, preferences, and needs.

Once you’ve found a likely candidate, partner with them on promoted posts, takeovers, and contests like those mentioned above.

Verify Yourself

The blue verification checkmark does a lot to instill trust and encourage users to follow you. It’s easy to get verified on Instagram. Simply follow these instructions.

Focus on Analytics

If you need more Instagram followers fast, it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t. Check your analytics to learn who your followers are, when they’re most likely to be online, and which types of content resonate with them.

Gain More Followers with These Tips

As your follower count rises, these tips will become increasingly valuable—and you’ll have more data to learn from.

To maximize the value of these strategies and to get even more Instagram followers, chat with the Twicsy team online or call today for additional information.

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