12 Tips for Summer Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

12 Tips for Summer Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Summer is the best season that all Americans enjoy for many reasons, including having long holidays and many things to enjoy like hanging out in the swimming pool throughout the day.

But the homeowners have to make sure that the pools are clean and maintained to avoid several issues. For this purpose, you can hire Georgia pool cleaning services to maintain and clean the swimming pools and their surrounding areas.

Georgia Pool Cleaning Companies Suggesting Summer Maintenance Tips

If you have forgotten to hire services for your swimming pool, you should consider that the cleaning might take longer.

But with professional help, the tasks will not take more time than expected. Also, there are certain cleaning and maintenance tips that homeowners should follow during the summer.

Removing Debris from Filters

You might think that a closed swimming pool will not gather debris like leaves, twigs, and even dead animals.

But when the filter is not covered properly, it can be clogged with debris. It would help if you made it a routine to clean the filter before turning on the swimming pool.

Cleaning Pumps and Skimmer Net

The pump and skimmer net both are essential parts of the filter system. The pump will suck the water and throws the debris into the skimmer net. Cleaning both will ensure that the filter system is properly working.

Checking Accessories for Damages

The things on the deck and swimming pool accessories like waterfalls, diving board, ladders, water slides, and railings have to be checked to know if they are in the right condition. The surface of the deck, railings, and stairs should not be slippery to avoid accidents.

Hiring Pool Cleaning Service in Atlanta

It is a good idea to hire a pool cleaning service so that they can clean and maintain with the help of tools and unique techniques. They will provide the maintenance, repairing, cleaning, installation, inspection, and closing and opening services.

Making Proper Repairs

The cleaning and maintenance team will inspect the swimming pool and its surrounding area to check if the structure has suffered any damage. If the team sees any damage, then repairing will also be done.

Examination of Water Balancing

When looking into water balancing, the maintenance team of companies, including Pool Cleaning Georgia, will look into the pH level, alkalinity, chlorine, water softness, and clarity of the water. Skin issues will develop if there is an imbalance in these levels.

Regular Checking of Rising Issues

Homeowners must check the filter system, various water features, and accessories for any signs of damage. If you detect issues in the initial stage, then the time and cost of repairs will be reduced.

Increase Level of Chlorine

Increasing chlorine levels in the swimming pool water are called shock. This shock is important as it lowers the risk of increasing germs and bacteria in the water. The level of chlorine should be increased every week.

Eliminate Presence of Algae

Thorough cleaning of the bottom and walls of the swimming pool with a scrubber and brush will eliminate the presence of algae. Summer is the peak time when algae develop in stagnant water. So, they should be removed every week.

Keep the Level of Water Balanced

Homeowners have to make sure that the water in the swimming pool is not full till the deck because any disturbance will make it overflow. So, the level of water should be balanced.

Organize Yearly Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Although it has been recommended to hire cleaning and maintenance services three times a year, during the spring, summer, and before winter, yearly maintenance service during the summer is the most important.

Ensure Water Flow is Uninterrupted

As the swimming pool is used the most during the summer, keeping the water pump running for a longer time is important. This will ensure that the water is filtered constantly and remains clean for longer.

These are the twelve tips that Georgia pool cleaning companies suggest to their clients for proper summer maintenance.

Below are three questions that will help understand swimming pool maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a pool be maintained?

Although it has been recommended by Georgia pool cleaning services to maintain daily, sometimes it becomes impossible to do so. So, homeowners are given the option of hiring companies once a week.

When should you shock your pool?

Shock is when the chlorine level is increased to kill bacteria and germs. Just like maintenance is done weekly, the shock has to be done simultaneously.

The evening is the best time because the temperature will be moderate and the sun doesn’t evaporate the chlorine.

What does pool maintenance include?

The maintenance of the swimming pool includes inspection of the structure, adjusting the level of chemicals, and thorough cleaning of the swimming pool if algae presence has increased.

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