12 Ways to Pick a Great Domain Name for Your Business

Great Domain Name

It’s truly hard to come up with a good domain name idea. If you decide to pick a .com or .co.in address, it is almost impossible to find an easy to remember name that is still available.

Don’t panic. There are good domain name ideas still available, but they need some hunting. You may need to invest some time and effort and some original ideas to find a method that suits your business.

So, if you’re looking to buy a domain name or are struggling with the name of a domain, then you needn’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog we’ll look upon those ways by which you can find the perfect domain name for your business in no time. Let’s dive into it then!

Ways to find the great domain name for your business

Here are 12 tips that can help you take the pain out of brainstorming domain names:

1. Let everyone brainstorm domain names

Don’t underestimate the power of good old-fashioned brainstorming. If you can spare the time, gather everyone in your business in front of some blackboards and jot down all the domain name ideas you can come up with.

Encourage your employees to think broadly and write down anything that seems fit. You never know where this amazing idea might come from.

2. Consider your values ​​and location

Your domain name idea does not have to include your brand name. It can include your location or things that are important to you as a business.

Is your company located in London? Do you provide services to customers in the Southeast? Are you proud of the speed of service? Perhaps your domain name should reflect these attributes.

3. Do some keyword research (but not too much)

Having keywords on your domain can still have a positive impact on your search rankings. Keyword research can provide good domain name ideas.

Google’s Keyword Research Tool is a good starting point (you do need a GoogleAds account though).

You can use many free and paid tools to find out which keywords your competitors are using, including KeywordSpy, SEMrush, and SE Ranking.

4. Insert the initial idea of ​​the domain name into the thesaurus

Online tools can’t find the ideal domain name for you, but they can help. A good starting point is to use a thesaurus, such as Thesaurus.com or Collins.

Enter the business attributes, value, unique selling points, product advantages, and the industry you operate in.

You will soon have a longer list of ideas than the longest domain name in the world. (If you are wondering, it is 63 characters long.)

5. Go old school with printed dictionaries

Although online thesaurus can help you develop ideas from the words you have already completed.

Thoughts, old dictionaries or thesaurus can completely generate new ideas for domain names.

Get the dictionary or thesaurus, close your eyes, and open a random page. Touch a random place on the page with your finger and write the word you found there. Repeat a few times and you may find inspiration.

6. Combine existing words to form new words

Think of an acronym that no one invented (that is, two words combined into one). It might be your new domain name.

Try out the ideas you have in mind and see if any of them work together. Existing brands that have successfully accomplished this include Groupon (‘group’ and ‘coupon’), Accenture (‘accent’ and ‘future’) and Travelocity (‘travel’ and ‘velocity’). Although not all compound words might sound as good as these, so be careful.

7. Use smarter domain name creation tools

Any company that sells domain names will allow you to verify available domain names online, such as 123Reg, Domain.com, GoDaddy, 1 & 1 Ionos, and Names.co. uk. However, there are some lesser-known searches that provide more flexibility.

NameStation (requires free registration), Bust A Name, Dot-o-mator, Domainr Name Soup and this free business name generator can provide all the “spin” keywords to suggest unusual and (occasionally) inspired domain name ideas that are available as well.

8. Take a stroll around your business

Why not use surrounding objects and words in your domain name ideas? Stop by your stockroom.

Research the products on the shelf. Look at what the signs and labels around you say. The language used internally by your company may not always be suitable for external audiences. But it can definitely help you come up with ideas.

9. Try translations

You don’t have to stick to English. In fact, some things sound better in other languages. There is no better example than Audi’s famous “Vorsprung durch Technik”.

But can you do something similar for your business? Google Translate is your go-to tool for this.

It allows you to flip through different words to see if there is something that can stimulate your imagination. (If you like the words or phrases you find, be sure to check the translation carefully with someone who actually speaks the language.)

10. Get domain name ideas from people outside your business

Once you have exhausted the domain name ideas in your business, you can find people who don’t know much about your work.

They can provide a new or original view of things. People you can talk to include your customers, friends, family, and anyone around you when you need them and will give their honest opinion. People like to be asked for their opinions, so don’t be afraid to do so.

11. Give an original spin to a less popular extension

No idea for a .com or .co.in name yet? It may be time to consider other newer and lesser-known extensions.

There are many options, and new domain names are always appearing on the market. Some are suitable for creative use.

Or, consider if you want to buy a domain name related to your business area or location. Location-based domain names ending in .delhi or .london and .ny can help you attract local customers or connect your brand to your regional identity.

12. See which extensions are coming soon

New domain extensions keep entering the market. If you don’t have a domain name idea, check out the new extensions that are going to arrive in the market in the near future.

While it is difficult to predict which of these extensions will gain market acceptance, they provide room for creativity.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some strategies for finding the perfect domain name for your business, you have cleared the first obstacle.

But you shouldn’t delay. It is very likely that the domain name will not be available in a short time. You must go through your web host and purchase the domain name immediately.

In fact, many people buy a domain name with multiple extensions to prevent others from stealing traffic.

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