15 Surfaces You Can Use As a Coffee Table

A Bench Coffee Table

If you put a sofa in a living room, it will need a coffee table to go with it. That is, according to the traditional interior design rules. And, indeed, your living room’s focal point is usually your sofas and coffee tables. 

As a result, numerous factors are considered when selecting the ideal coffee table for your space. To ensure that the coffee table blends with the style of your living room, consider the shape and size of the coffee table. 

You can choose your sofa, as well as the coffee table material. Then there are the practical considerations, such as whether you require a kid-friendly coffee table or one with storage.

1. A Plush Ottoman 

Ottomans are a great alternative to coffee tables because they can be used as a table and child-proof. There are no corners for children to bump into because the edges are soft. 

Add a few of your favorite coffee table books as a stable surface for drinks if you still want to style it! They also serve as additional seating options for your children and guests.

2. A Cluster of Side Tables 

It is not always necessary for a coffee table to be one large table. However, using a cluster of side tables as a coffee table alternative is styling ideas when you want to do something different.


When you’re entertaining, you can quickly move them around to give your guests a convenient place to set their drinks.

3. Side Tables With Varying Heights 

If you don’t have enough room for one large table, two small, mismatched side tables can be a good alternative. Choose one short and one taller table to make your space feel more spacious.


For people who want to make their space feel more dynamic, this is one of the best coffee table ideas. You can decorate the space with wall art to increase the beauty of the table. 

4. A Pair of Poufs 

Poufs are another kid-friendly favorite for living room areas, similar to a plush ottoman. Two poufs can be used in place of a coffee table. 

These are ideal for small spaces and people who like to entertain. They can function as a footrest, side table, and extra seat all in one!

5. A Bench 

Don’t you like the idea of using a large table as a centerpiece? Using a bench as a coffee table alternative is one of the most valuable ideas.


An attractive wooden or upholstered bench can provide additional surface space, seating, and even storage as a coffee table. What a three-pronged attack!

6. Architectural Feature

Have you ever come across an incredible vintage architectural detail in an antique store? And you been stumped as to what to do with it? 


Place a simple glass or marble tabletop atop the piece, and you’ve got yourself a coffee table. Even better, you’ll be the only one with the same coffee table.

7. Vintage Trunk

A trunk not only adds structure and style to your living room but also expands your storage possibilities. Suppose one trunk isn’t big enough to hold all of your blankets and children’s toys, stack two boxes next to each other. 


Find a vintage trunk at your local consignment shop, thrift store, or antique store, or shop contemporary brick and online retailers.

8. Tree Stumps 


Several tree stumps can be transformed into an intriguing living room centerpiece. If you live in an area where tree stumps or firewood are challenging to come by, look into lumber yards. You can also look for furniture manufacturers, upcycling, and salvage yards.

9. Leather Table

Leather-topped coffee tables are frequently disguised as ottoman hybrids. When the piece isn’t used as a table, the material covers a plush cushioning, creating a soft surface. On that surface, the owner can rest their feet. 

These are a particularly unique breed of coffee tables, frequently accompanied by wood drink trays for stability.

10. Contemporary 

Contemporary is a broad term that refers to a variety of stylistic elements. In essence, it refers to any furniture designed in a “now” style, evoking an up-to-date appearance and incorporating novel features. 

The coffee table in this example has a transformative design, with a set of wedge-shaped ottomans that detach from the main body.

11. Garden Stools

Garden stools are cute and trendy, and for the past few years, many people have been using them instead of coffee tables.

They don’t have as much surface area as a coffee table. But they have the advantage of being attractive and versatile, as they can be used indoors and out.

If you decide to use garden stools instead of a coffee table, make sure to use two. This is because one will likely be too small to fill the space and will appear lost. 

12. Tray Table 

A tray table, while still a table that can anchor a space, provides something that a traditional coffee table does not. A tray table is a good investment if you entertain frequently. 


Just make sure it’s not too heavy to lift and carry around the room. Tray tables come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, making them a unique decorating option.

13. Storage Bench

Storage benches, like ottomans, can be used as table surfaces or extra seating. The main benefit of these pieces is that they have a lot of hidden storage on the inside. And allowing you to hide a lot of clutter. 

Use one long piece or a few smaller matching pieces sides by the side or any other configuration that works for you. Look for hinged storage benches.

14. Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a good choice for small spaces. Make sure the tables are finished all the way around because they’ll be seen from all sides.

Acrylic waterfall tables would be ideal in this situation. Tuck them away to the side when they’re not in use as coffee tables.


The convenience of nesting tables is that they can be moved around easily. If you have children, they can have their small coffee table to play on or draw on while you relax at your table.

15. A C-Side Table 

If you don’t have much space, a C-side table is a good option for maximizing space in a small living room. C-tables are compact and easy to move, and their shape allows them to fit close to the sofa, taking up little floor space. 

When you don’t want to leave the couch to work, you can use them as an impromptu desk.

The Bottom line

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These suggestions are cost-effective. You can also use these ideas elsewhere in your home if you move and decide to upgrade your coffee table.