20 Cool Business Ideas for Those Who Love Travel

Cool Business Ideas

Everyone needs a hobby – something they love to do while at home. As a travel junkie, you should tread the path of innovation and explore the world through your travels.

Traveling can be both a business and a personal venture. As you are passionate about finding new horizons in the physical world, you should learn how to get your hands on new opportunities when it comes to business.

This article covers 20 cool business ideas you can implement to make extra money while exploring different parts of the globe.

20 Cool Business Ideas for Those Who Love Travel:

Adventure Club 

Adventure Club is a company that organizes adventure vacations for people of all ages. They cater to a wide range of interests and provide a variety of vacation packages, including cultural and activity-based tours. This club is an excellent example of how to create and run an adventure vacation company successfully.

The idea behind this business comes from one’s love for traveling and being active in the world outside their comfort zones.

People who can implement such statements will be adventurous individuals with physical interests, skills, abilities, and knowledge that they desire to engage while traveling abroad.

Adventure club caters specifically to those people whose passion revolves around the thrill of having fun during their trip. 

Photography Business 

If you love traveling and shooting photos, then a photography business may be a cool business idea for you.

With the right equipment and a little creativity, you can do your own photography business and share your beautiful pictures with others. 

There are many ways to get started in this type of business, so there is no way to say which path is best for you.

However, when starting out, some key things to keep in mind include developing a strong website, sourcing for clients, and selling your services/pictures online.

The photography business is growing in popularity as more people start to become interested in travel photographs.

You can sell your photographs or albums by promoting them through ads like Facebook or Google Ads management.

High-quality images are available for free on the internet via sites like Flickr; many photographers use them, among others. 

PhotoSellers provide many different photo products or services, such as print digital image storage on USB flash sticks that can be easily shared with friends or family members through email, flash drives, or Facebook. 

You will want to take advantage of all these media as many people are interested in this business. They also provide excellent marketing tools within your own website or through your email system with special offers that you can push out periodically.

Adventure Tourism 

If you love traveling, becoming a tourism business owner could be something you’re interested in. There are many different ways to start a tourism business, and there are plenty of opportunities to find tourists who will travel to your location. 

You can also create custom tours or offer unique experiences that your local community may not be able to experience on their own.

Whatever route you choose, it’s essential to have a clear plan and stay focused. Otherwise, you could miss out on opportunities and earn less money than expected.

People who choose this business idea may want to work as a tour guide or find tourists willing to go on more extended tours.

If they decide that’s what would suit them best, this is the right choice for people with patience and persistence. 

Airport Shuttle Service 

If you love traveling and enjoy having transportation options at your fingertips, then the airport shuttle service may be a cool business idea for you.

Airport shuttle service allows tourists and others who need to get from the airport to their destinations to access a reliable and affordable transport option easily.

There are many different airport shuttle services available, so finding the right one for your business is simple.

You can either offer door-to-door service, go door-to-door to pick up people or contract with private companies.

Some services specialize in offering only specific types of vehicles (such as limos and luxury sedans), while others provide a mix of modes. 

If you choose this business idea, then be sure to make safety your number one concern. Transportation options can lead some travelers astray if they’re not careful enough about the amount of liquor they consume at their destination’s hotel.

Ayurveda Tourism 

Ayurveda Tourism is an amazing business idea for those who love traveling and discovering new things.

Ayurveda, or the Indian System of Naturopathy, is a holistic health care system that focuses on treating people not just with medication but through natural methods such as herbs and foods.

Ayurveda tourists can enjoy all the benefits of saunas, yoga classes, ayurvedic massage, detox baths, and more while traveling.

Yogis love traveling for their detox, and the opportunity to practice yoga says so much about the experience they want to share after experiencing a journey into Ayurveda.

People who travel because of ayurvedic treatment are paying thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

At the same time, those interested in doing some real self-discovery can take part in pre and post-treatment at introductory rates. These people also have access to how often to get the treatments. 

Boutique Hotel 

Boutique hotels are perfect for those who love traveling because they offer unique, personalized experiences.

These hotels focus on providing a high level of service and amenities while also being environmentally friendly. 

Not only is the friendly staff available to help guests with their requests, but modern amenities such as room service and high-speed Wi-Fi are always an option.

Those who travel business or pleasure can embrace these offers that save them money on more expensive hotels in other cities while still having a hotel experience tailored for their preferences. 

The benefits of boutique hospitality go beyond cost savings and pleasant accommodations; many groups have found that they generate considerably more revenue than they would in larger hotels. 

Community Tour Guide

If you love traveling and want to share your experiences with others, then becoming a tour guide may be the perfect business for you!

Tour guides take people on guided visits to different locations, often with interesting historical or cultural background information. 

This can be a great way to make some extra money and meet new people while you are at it. For a trip with some extra flair, travelers may opt for horseback riding or even helicopter tours. 

Being self-employed is often harder than it sounds and requires patience to be successful; however, all team members working towards the company’s success are essential for them not only to reach their goals but also to succeed at what they have set out to do as individuals. 

A strong business plan, a clear vision, and success goals will help guide employees to the right path. Staff training is another vital aspect for those who wish to run their own company; be sure that all your staff has been adequately trained, so they can make capable decisions in running your company.

Airport Arcade Games

If you have a passion for travel and love spending time in busy, crowded airports, then an airport arcade game may be the perfect business for you.

These games are popular among travelers because they provide an excellent way to kill time while waiting for their flights or waiting in line at the baggage claim.

Arcade games range from simple games such as stuffed animals that dispense prizes when beaten to more complicated games requiring players to make decisions based on complex math equations quickly.

The most popular arcade games in the industry are based on trivia and game consoles, where items achieved by a player at a certain level of play can be traded for larger prizes or bought outright with real cash.

Double-Decker Bus Tours 

If you’re someone who loves to travel, but finds the cost of airfare a bit daunting, then you should consider launching your double-decker bus tour!

This is a great way to get tourists out on the open road and explore new areas without worrying about the expense. 

Plus, since all of the tours are custom made just for your group, there is no one else around who can give you a similar experience:

You provide tours with a focus on historical and cultural trips, plus you provide hours of entertainment for your passengers (if planning to have an open-air vehicle). 

Everything is designed just for the enjoyment of those individuals who enjoy travel. If you choose this business idea, it will be important that more than half your tours focus on exotic locations.

All tour travelers love to see different parts of their country to bring back bits and pieces from wherever they visit (which is always a lot of fun for them). 


Ecotourism is a booming business sector that’s growing rapidly worldwide. It’s become an important part of the tourism industry and offers visitors unique experiences that can’t be found by just visiting traditional destinations.

There are many types of ecotourism, including nature conservation, cultural heritage, animal exploitation, eco-adventures, sustainable agriculture, and more.

There are also many ways to participate in this emerging tourism industry sector, including one-day tours, school field trips, and unique experiences for individuals or organizations with a passion for nature. 

Whether you decide to travel independently or join an organization whose aim is to make ecotourism accessible wherever people go (such as through camping holiday business ideas), consider looking into alternative ways that operate outside your sphere of control.

Houseboat Rental 

If you’re someone who loves traveling and taking in the sights and sounds of new places, then a boat rental business could be a great idea for you!

This type of business could involve renting out small boats or pontoon boats to tourists and making money off the fees that they pay for the use of the boats. 

You could also offer guided tours of local waterways as part of your operation or set up shop on a riverbank and operate a traditional houseboat (which is referred to as a tékong in the Malaysian language).

These businesses serve an important purpose, helping tourists get closer to nature and developing real-world skills that many people can use on their travels.

And if you are someone who really loves boats, then this could be your perfect way of making some extra money from home!

Social Media Influencer

Suppose you’re someone who loves traveling and also happens to have a following on social media. In that case, becoming an online social media influencer might be a cool business idea for you. 

As an online social media influencer, you could help promote travels and related destinations on your social media platforms, helping to increase tourism in those areas.

Additionally, as an online social media influencer, you could earn money from commissions paid by travel companies or other groups who pay you to promote their destinations or travel deals.

One thing that social media influencers have in common is a strong passion for traveling and discovering new places, so making money doing something related to this could be ideal if you’re someone with the right personality! 

Night Club 

If you love partying and travel, then opening a nightclub might be the perfect business idea for you! Opening a nightclub could be an amazing way to combine your two favorite things, and it could also be a great way to make some money. 

As a nightclub owner, you would need to find a location that is popular with tourists, and then you would need to set up an entertaining atmosphere that will draw guests in.

In addition to attracting guests, you would also need to design special drinks and foods that guests could enjoy, as well as offer a fun cocktail-making class so people can learn how to make their favorite drink.

How to Start Tour and Travel Business

As an owner of a nightclub whether in one location or several locations all over the world you would be responsible for hiring staff, ensuring they are trained properly on food and drink preparation skills, plus behavioral training if necessary; planning which party nights your club will be hosting, determining what activities you’ll offer during these times; booking entertainment like musicians and DJs to attract customers.

Hiring staff to work night shifts in the club while maintaining a clean appearance as well as ensuring they’re happy with their job benefits (they would also need to keep updated financial records); coordinating planning meetings with other employees (such as connected bouncers) so that everything is running smoothly at all different locations. 

Ticketing & Reservation Service 

If you love traveling and you also enjoy the convenience of reserving tickets online, then a ticketing and reservation service may be a great business idea for you.

This type of business can help individuals find the best seats to watch their favorite sporting event, opera performance, or musical performance. 

Additionally, this type of business can also help individuals purchase tickets to special events like art exhibits or Broadway shows.

Thus, a ticketing and reservation service is also one of the best ways to help people attend different events such as 

  • Arts and crafts exhibitions
  • Celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, or job promotions
  • Special events like soirees at nightclubs in your locality

Other possible revenue streams include selling printed coupons on which they can be redeemed for free tickets and charging an additional fee to buy tickets online. 

Hotel Management Institute 

The hotel management institute is an organization that offers training and education in the field of hotel management.

This could be a great business idea for those who love travel and enjoy experiencing new places. The institute could offer classes on different aspects of hotel operations, from guest service to marketing. 

In addition, the institute could provide training in hospitality management software or other tools used in the industry.

Either way, offering educational and training opportunities in the field of hotel management is another one of the best ways to start a business. 

Management training could be offered at a cost, and it is likely that guests who enroll in hotel management classes will want to buy the accompanying ticket, but they may also provide discounts or promotions for those students. This can lead both to income and customers.

International Trade Fair 

The international trade fair is a great business idea for those who love travel. This is because the event attracts vendors from all over the world who offer products and services related to travel.

Vendors at the international trade fair can include companies that provide trip planning services, airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and more. 

Many visitors to the trade fair are interested in finding new destinations to explore or new deals on vacation packages.

Thus, offering discounts or promotions that are related to a single event, such as the international trade fair, could be an effective way of increasing sales. 

If a business owner offered tickets and time off in exchange for money spent during the event, then this could also be another good idea.

International Trade Fair is one of those great business ideas for people who love travel as well because you can get all sorts of products and services ranging from hotels, flights & cruises, vacation packages, travel guidebooks, and more. 

Thus, if you can offer these discounts at a discount, it can be very useful indeed. The purpose of this easy business idea is that by offering these types of events as prizes or incentives for the guests coming in, you will establish yourself as an excellent vendor who offers quality products/services at affordable prices whilst promoting your company.

Kayak Tours 

Kayak Tours is a great idea for those who love travel. Kayaks are perfect for exploring lakes and rivers, making kayaking tours a great way to see new areas while enjoying the outdoors. Kayaks are also a great way for people to meet new friends. 

The idea behind kayak tours is to encourage people from different backgrounds to explore our country’s diversity and share some of its beauty with other travelers who might not have an opportunity like them in their hometown or city.

Right now, many tourist destinations do come up with special offers at certain times in order for tourists to afford their travel budgets while they are visiting, but most of them cater only to those who travel within their country, which is not very useful for the foreigners in that region.

If the tourist spots here have budget-friendly kayak tours, visitors from all locations will be able to enjoy these facilities very easily using our idea.

Being a kayak tour owner requires planning on how you want your business/activity to take place and what brings as much income out of it before opening up a shop or an online website.

Luggage Delivery Service 

Luggage delivery service is perfect for those who love traveling. It can be a great business idea for someone who loves taking trips and having their luggage delivered to their hotel.

This type of service can also be a great way to make money if you are able to find a reputable company that offers this type of service. 

Traveling is a great way to grow the business idea of Luggage Delivery because there are more and more people who adore it. 

People go traveling nowadays not just for fun but also to expand their possibilities by doing something new or discovering different cultures from all around the world, which opens up doors into unexplored areas where you can be your own boss and create an opportunity for yourself as well as others.

You can make a living out of traveling, and apart from it making money, there are many other advantages of owning a Luggage Delivery Business.

Luggage Store 

If you love traveling and want to find a way to make money while you’re away from home, consider opening a luggage store.

This type of business is growing in popularity because it offers customers the opportunity to purchase items that they would not be able to purchase at home, such as custom-made luggage. 

Plus, many people are interested in buying travel souvenirs such as T-shirts or mugs. You can also purchase cameras and items that support your travel cause.

Businesses like this one have the potential of quickly being successful if you know where to start, including conducting exhaustive research on what kind of demand there is for different kinds of luggage.


You don’t have to be a travel junkie to run a successful business; if you’re interested in traveling, there are plenty of ideas for you to choose from.

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We’ve outlined 20 different businesses that could make your travels easier and more fun, so check them out! If you’re inspired by one of these businesses or want additional information on any of the listed opportunities, let us know below.