3 Ideas for Your Small Business Strategy

Small Business Strategy

Whether you already have a fully functioning and established business or you are just starting with a small business, your goal is always to generate more sales.

Marketing your business can cost a fortune. There are several marketing strategies and initiatives to look at and here are three ideas that you can include in your big picture business strategy to get your business going.

Consider Blogging

Digital marketing is divided into several interrelated initiatives. Blogging is an excellent way to generate organic traffic and get prospects interested in your products and services.

Publishing at least once a week can potentially improve your website’s visibility online and help educate your potential customers on why they should trust your company.

If you already have a website, consider adding a blogs page where you can populate it with interesting articles that make sense to your digital market.

Publish articles that are helpful to your target audience but at the same time, linked to your product or service.

Thinking of this as your way of getting closer to your audience. However, blog writing is not all that simple. Effective blog writing requires a skilled writer that is highly knowledgeable about SEO.

Having SEO-driven blogs will allow you to rank higher in the search results which means that you are more visible to your digital market.

The goal is to get them to click on your article and to get them on your website. Your website is your virtual shop or your store where you can show your potential customers what you do, your products and get them to know you a little better.

The more that they see about you can increase the chance of perceiving your brand as legitimate and credible.

Start Co-Marketing

Often mistaken to be similar to co-promotion, co-marketing refers to two non-competing companies with collaborative efforts to generate more sales.

Most of the time, this is done when both companies offer complementary products or services to the other. This is usually done to increase brand awareness and broaden traffic.

However, before you decide on a company to co-market with, remember to review a few factors that will affect your efforts.

  • Brand Reputation: Remember that when you co-market, you will be associated with another brand. Do a thorough background check in terms of their track record, history, news as well as social media buzz if any. What are people saying about the brand? Is it good? Is it bad? Afterwards, think of how this would affect your business.
  • Brand Impression: Put yourself in the shoes of your target market, what do you initially think of when you see the brand that you are planning to co-market with? It is also important that you stand on the same values and principles to ensure a good working relationship.
  • Brand Expertise: What do they have to offer? When you co-market or partner with a brand, it has to be something more than expanding your reach. Think of what they can bring to the table that will add value to your selling proposition.

Co-marketing does not just have to be in physical stores. You can easily execute co-marketing strategies through digital marketing.

Work on content that highlights your affiliation or maybe create a landing page on your website meant for your collaboration.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is a powerful business tool that you can use to tell your digital target market about your brand, your story, post content and promote your products or services.

It can help you increase website traffic, improve your search engine rankings and actively engage with your potential customers.

Start building out a social media strategy that aligns with your business goals. Choose the best platforms that will cater to your need and target where your audience is.

However, remember that social media marketing does not just mean posting product photos or ads. It’s a full-time job that requires your to generate content, copies, engage with your audience and draw insights from the analytics.

It’s a constant trial and error especially at first but once you get clear insights on what works for your brand and what does not, you can easily work from there and make it an asset for your business.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days where marketing your brand can potentially put you out of business because of the investment requirement.

Digital marketing has made life easier for small companies and even enterprises. The truth is, the possibilities are endless now that everything is driven by technology and powered by millions of people on the internet.

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