4 Common Challenges in Order Management – How OMS Solve Them?

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Order management is one of the most important tasks that you have to do to keep your business running.

Orders are the main reasons your business is generating revenue and making progress. To keep it growing, you need to get and deliver more orders.

However, more orders are difficult to handle as well. And once you fail to manage orders, it can reduce the total sales of your company by affecting its reputation.

To manage orders effectively, you can get assistance by implementing an order management system in your company.

However, you must be thinking about how a software system can help in managing orders. To figure this out, let’s explore some major challenges you have to face when managing orders and how an order management system helps in overcoming these challenges.

1. Multiple Sales Channels

The first challenge that you have to deal with is your sales channels. You cannot rely on a single sales channel in this advanced world to sell your products.

Almost every business is now relying on multiple sales channels to engage with more customers and improve sales. However, managing these multiple sales channels can be a real struggle for you.

You have to collect and arrange data from different channels and then analyze it to make further decisions. If you opt to manage them manually, you will not find time to work on the development of your company.


The Order management system has the perfect solution to this problem. It provides a centralized system to connect all your sales channels.

You can automate recorded data even on your mobile. Managing multiple channels will be a click away from you when you have implemented an effective OMS.

2. Routing the Orders

The era has grown very advanced. Nowadays you don’t have to worry about the order fulfillment process as 3PL providers are here to help you.

You can hire experts to handle the order fulfillment processes of your company. However, you cannot rely on 3rd party logistics for all types of orders. They work according to their policies and schedules.

You need to fulfill some VIP orders on your own as well. In such a case you need to send the details of such an order to the company’s internal fulfillment unit. However, you may struggle in doing so as partitioning the orders can be a problem.


Order management software is super effective in this regard. It will help you in routing the orders between the company’s fulfillment unit and 3PL providers.

The software will check the details of each order and then send the details of those orders to the respective fulfillment unit.

3.  Inventory Availability

Effective warehousing or inventory management is the key to managing your orders. For example, if you don’t have real-time insight into the inventory, you will not have enough information about the availability of products in the inventory. It is mandatory to check inventory availability to manage orders efficiently.

For example, sometimes you can deny a big order considering the product is not available in the inventory. But then you find out that the data you have was miscalculated and the product is available.


To deal with this problem, OMS can be very effective. It integrates with a warehouse management system to give your insights into the inventory. You will remain updated about the availability of products and thus can accept orders accordingly.

4. Errors

The biggest challenge every order management department has to deal with is errors. You can deliver the wrong product by mistake.

Similarly, sometimes the products are delivered to the wrong address. These errors can be costly and you may lose your customer base.


OMS helps in reducing errors. It has advanced scanning features and order information-checking systems to check if an error is present.

Once detected, the problem is flagged to the respective section for the solution. Orders are shipped only when there is complete assurance of accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Now you must have realized how important an orders management system is for effective order management.

If you have not one for your company, get it now and implement it to make sure you don’t lose your customers just because you cannot manage orders.

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