4 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Make Your Autoshop More Comfortable for Employees

4 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Make Your Auto Shop More Comfortable for Employees

Are you ready to take your auto shop to the next level? Try these tips to help make your employees feel comfortable and supported in their work. These affordable and convenient updates can readily update your shop and improve the workspace.

Install a Commercial Door

Due to its larger size, a commercial garage door will make it easier for workers to get vehicles in and out for service.

With several doors leading to individual service bays, employees can use just the space they want by opening the selected door.

A commercial door for an auto shop may come with controls for easier opening and closing as well as safety features to protect service technicians while entering or leaving the garage area.

Heavy-duty materials ensure that the commercial-grade garage door will last for a long time and hold up against inclement weather.

Organize the Inventory and Supplies

You can make the employees’ work easier by arranging the parts, equipment, and supplies in an orderly way. You can set aside an adjoining space or room for these products or designate wall space to stock them.

Everything should be labeled in readable print so that the workers can find what they need quickly or order new supplies as the stock dwindles.

This area needs to be kept clean to avoid slippery or damp surfaces that can cause safety issues or damage sensitive parts.

Create a Break Space

A break room, nook, or area is a welcome addition to employees who work hard at their manual labor jobs all day.

A few comfortable chairs, a table, a microwave for heating lunches, and clear floor space free of stock or storage will give the workers a much-needed respite during a busy workday.

You may want to add some reading material or a small television for relaxing during lunchtime or breaks.

An area with a window would be ideal, so employees can have an outside view and keep an eye on the weather. Second-hand furniture in good condition can be bought cheaply.

Stock Inexpensive Refreshments

Depending on your crew size and operating budget, consider stocking bottled water, soft drinks, or microwave along with instant coffee and creamer.

Look for crackers or pretzels on sale for a quick carb snack. A minifridge is helpful for workers who pack perishable foods in their lunches.

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Employees who feel appreciated and welcome work harder than those who don’t. These easy steps can make their jobs more doable and enhance their working environment.