4 Essentials for Seamlessly Blending Business and Pleasure


Traveling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and it’s something that millions of people look forward to every year. A great trip can be life-changing, or at least form core memories that you remember for years to come.

You can branch out and experience things you never could have in your everyday life. However, this is more difficult to achieve if you still have to work during your trip, either because you have a remote job or because you’re on a business trip. Keep reading to find out how you can manage the balance better.

1- Fly Private

Flying private is a great way to blend business and pleasure. Work trips are common in every profession, and the stress of being away from home gets worse due to the long queue times at the airport, along with other inconveniences like being on a crowded plane or needing to wake up early in the morning. However, flying private can solve all of these problems.

The crew and plane managers will sometimes facilitate you, even providing transport to and from the airport. You’ll be able to take off on your own time, and, crucially, you’ll have total peace and quiet on the plane and privacy.

This is vital for busy people who need to get work done on the plane during an hours-long flight. You may think the price would be too high, but companies have started providing cheap rental services. You can get a private jet anywhere, but it’s easier if you get a private jet charter to Los Angeles and NYC.

2- Use Technology

Another great way to combine business and pleasure by boosting productivity is by using technology. The rapid progress of technology has allowed everyday people access to power that can land rockets on the moon.

If you invest in a portable workstation, like a powerful laptop with a long-lasting battery, along with other items like a local SIM with a data package, a power bank, and a good phone, you’ll be able to work no matter where you are.

This is crucial when traveling because it means you can set up anywhere, especially at scenic cafes and tourist attractions. A good laptop will allow you to work from anywhere while exploring your surroundings, while the SIM and power bank will mean you won’t have to go back to your hotel room all day.

3- Seek Unique Networking Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons for your work trip may be because you need to attend an industry event, like a convention, or you need to meet a potential client to discuss your future. In these cases, networking and meeting other professionals.

This will allow you to secure more customers and get your name out there. However, if you want to experience the pleasure of being in a new place, too, you can meet them at popular attractions, and if they’re locals, they can guide you through the local area.

4- Prioritize Your Tasks and Keep a Flexible Schedule

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind if you’re working remotely is to prioritize your tasks and your projects above all else. Even if you spend most of your trip working, if you take care of your work first, you’ll be able to enjoy the surrounding area without worrying about anything else. Try to keep a flexible schedule, too, so you can work whenever you can.

A good way to do this is by collaborating with your colleagues and adjusting your sleep if you’re in a different time zone. If you can collaborate with others, you can get through your work faster and have more time on your hands to enjoy your trip.


Traveling can be a key part of your life because of its advantages. It’s a common method of enriching your life and putting things into perspective because you’ll be able to see how big the world is. While on your work trip, if you plan your schedule well enough, you can take advantage of these benefits, too, having a great trip on someone else’s budget.

However, this planning is easier said than done. Using the information in this article, you can blend business and pleasure to create the best trip imaginable.

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