4 Small Businesses Found in The Philippines

Small Businesses

Restrictions on business operations are easing – and so has been the demand for more services.  According to the Sun Life Business Growth and Resilience Index 2022, most (86 percent) of SMEs plan to continue operations and expand their business despite the pandemic and hanging economic uncertainties.

If you want to be your own boss and grow your finances with a business venture, go look no further! Here, we’ve listed viable small business ideas you can set up in the Philippines with low capital!

Food Delivery Service

If there’s one thing that Filipinos love, it will be food. A restaurant is daunting. Also, it can take a lot of capital. So many details need to be taken into account – from resto design, plan, color, marketing, and the materials and ingredients. It’s one that has devils in the details!

It works this way: first, you prepare quality, tasty meals at home. After that, you will deliver them to your customers at work or in their homes.

This kind of business requires some clearance before you can fully operate. At best, you need clearance from local authorities. You should also be careful with the ingredients.

If you want to legitimize your business truly, then you can have BIR filing and accounting services.

House Cleaning

Let’s be real: it’s hard cleaning stuff when you have a day job. That’s where a house cleaning business can come in handy. There’s a low barrier to entry, too! You can advertise first within your neighborhood, and they’ll usually bring in a higher paycheck for similar work.

If you want to pursue cleaning houses, you should prepare. Cleaning supplies, attire, and accessories need investment and quality. If you desire to serve small businesses, you should get industrial janitorial supplies to get work done more effectively.

Homemade Cold Beverage Business

For a homemade “palamig” cold beverage business, you’d need 500 pesos to 5000 pesos. You’ll need purified water, containers, plastic bottles – and the respective ingredients.

This kind of business requires little capital. It’s also a must-try and part of Filipino culture – we love ice-cold milk tea, and coffee, especially during the summer, but even better, you can sell them all year round! For as low as 500 pesos, you can start selling these sweet and fruity drinks!

Home-Cooked Meals

At a start-up cost of 1000 to 8000 pesos, a home-cooked meal is another business that Filipinos will enjoy! It might be time-consuming, but you only need as low as ₱1,000 for this business. If you have a passion for cooking, there’s no problem why you should not pursue this kind of business!

Noticeable costs you need to consider include the meal ingredients, plastic containers, kitchenware – and of course, transportation costs. With Angkas, and all kinds of TNV services available, you might have to add transportation costs into the total bill for your customers.

Milk Tea

For less than 20000 pesos, you can have your own milk tea business! Milk tea is a passion for most Filipinos – it’s popular all year, and Filipinos find it find it hard to resist a delicious and refreshing milk tea when they’re thirsty, hungry, or both!

Online, there are many competitors. However, several sellers offer business packages complete with all the items you need. You can set your shop up from home or a small stall – and have your orders taken online. A lot of it is up to you, though.

Wrapping Up

With a lot of beloved businesses, it’s easy to see a bit of why Filipinos enjoy these things. Don’t forget to be responsible! Happy business-ing!

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