4 Stunning purposes of bridal bouquets and flower petals

bridal bouquets

4 Stunning purposes of bridal bouquets and flower petals

A wedding cannot be considered complete without having flowers. The day of the wedding is one of the most important days for a couple.

A woman dreams of it and wants to make it special by having beautiful bridal bouquets whether it is a lavish wedding or a small one. 

The bridal bouquets are a group of flowers held by the bride when she enters the aisle. It is a complementary part of the wedding which is designed with the dress style and theme.

Holding flowers is considered an act of good luck, and a symbol of a bright future. The perfume of flowers gives happiness and charm to a bride.

Purposes of bridal bouquets

It is hard to imagine a bride walking down without bridal bouquets. Holding bridal bouquets has many meaningful reasons and purposes as you can read them below.  

Traditional need

It has been a long-standing tradition for a bride to arrive carrying bridal bouquets. In ancient times brides wore flower garlands at their weddings.

After it, herbs and spices are used in bridal bouquets. Now brides choose special wedding flowers for their bridal bouquets which are associated with their emotional connection and also match with a floral arrangement.

Enhance fragrance

Flowers are naturally perfumed items and are used in every ceremony or event. It gives a beautiful look along with an inspiring scent for all oceans to describe true emotion. Brides carry bridal bouquets to a fragrant atmosphere and themselves also. It gives them a fresh look.

Protect from evil spirits

One of the oldest reasons related to the bridal bouquet is to protect it from evil spirits. I was thinking in the old times having a bridal bouquet is necessary as it is useful in taking away evil spirits and bad luck from the bride.

Convey a pleasant message

Brides select flowers for bridal bouquets to convey their feelings to their future husbands. To send lovely code messages to their groom they choose match bouquets that represent their message of love.

Colors of bridal bouquets

Bridal bouquets are designed with the color of the dress and the wedding theme. You can contrast and coordinate your bridal bouquets with your dress. There are some colors of bridal bouquets are described for your dress match:

Red wedding bouquet

The red color is the symbol of romance, passion, and sensuality. The white wedding dress and red bridal bouquets say all the right things.

Green bridal bouquet

In contrast, the black wedding dress and the green bridal bouquet look amazing. A pink dress with green bridal bouquets is just like a romantic Victorian look.

White bridal bouquets

White is the second name for purity and innocence. White bridal bouquets are a classic choice for your big day. White bridal bouquets are suitable for all dress colors.

Pink bridal bouquets

Three different varieties of pink color roses are used in bridal bouquets and look glorious with almost all dress colors. Pink bridal bouquets are a symbol of femininity and pretty. 

Purple bridal bouquets

Dark purple bridal bouquets look gorgeous. Dark purple color flowers combine with lime green and white flowers which give a stunning look.

Flower petals

A petal is a curve leaf on the flower that surrounds and protects the flower. Petals are normally in brighter colors to attract pollinators.

In the case of most flowers, regular rays come out from the center such as peas and orchids. Other types are clusters of tiny flowers surrounded by single petals such as sunflowers. Flower petals are used for many purposes. For arrangement, flower petals are used and known as aestivation.

Purposes of flowers petals

Flowers are a necessary element of any function and flower petals also play an important role in decorating any ocean.

 Flower petals for weddings

In a wedding function, flower petals are used for decoration and welcome purposes. Flower petals are scattered on the ground to make a beautiful path. Flower petals are thrown at the wedding to create a stunning atmosphere.

Flower petals for bath

In summer moisture evaporates from the skin and most people take a flower petals bath. This bath is considered excellent for skin softness and is anti-bacterial. Flower petals add to water for the bath to take moisture.

Flower petals for decoration

Flower petals are used to decorate romantic nights, marriage anniversaries, engagement parties, and shower ceremonies. Flower petals are used to create stunning carpets, table scatter, and engagement centerpieces.

Flower petals for funeral

Using flower petals for a funeral helps you to celebrate the life of your loved one. The action of scattering flower petals at the funeral is a beautiful way to say goodbye and a gesture to say your loved one’s soul rests in peace. 

Fresh flower petals normally remain in their original look for at least up to three days after being plucked from the flower. You can store flower petals after use in dry shape as long as you can.

What to do with dead flower petals?

Flowers are a beautiful gift to give and receive from others but don’t last forever. Instead of throwing those away after drying try to use them in unique styles. Dead flower petals are a great way to enjoy unique crafts. Some unique ideas are described for you to make something different.

  • Make potpourri
  • Frame them
  • Make candles
  • Make wall art
  • Create bath product
  • Make flower petal beads
  • Create stained glass
  • Create a floral surface cleaner
  • Make a room fragrance spray
  • Add them to your phone case
  • Use flower petals for gift wrapping

You can use these ideas with your dead flower petals and can enjoy your handmade product. Remember dead flower petals are also beautiful and can be repurposed with little effort. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, keep them in your home with a new look.

If you want to make your special day more memorable with unique bridal bouquets and flower petals decoration comes to the Frans’ Flowers.

It is a certified garden center and arranges all kinds of flower bouquets. Their selection of fresh flower bouquets and stunning arrangements meet your expectations.

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