5 Benefits of Using Hipolin Liquid Detergent Over Regular Powder Detergent

5 Benefits of Using Hipolin Liquid Detergent Over Regular Powder Detergent

Why should I prefer Hipolin Liquid Detergent over the regular powder detergent?

It will not be wrong to say that your clothes make you look presentable and attractive. Be it home, a party, or an office event, in the guide of the term called ‘First Impression’ the first chapter will always start from your looks and outfits because your clothes always leave a powerful mark on people. It reflects our class and personality.

Despite buying expensive clothes, what we lack is maintaining the shine of our clothes. Washing clothes is a quite time-consuming process, which includes sorting, pre-treating, washing, drying, and ultimately folding the clothes. Still, most of the time, we are unable to provide the right care for our clothes.

In most cases, we are harming the beauty and durability of our clothes by using normal power detergent top load and front load washing machines. Thus, to remove all stains, and hidden dust present in your clothes, we must have a pack of detergent that can simplify the process of washing and at the same time gives you picture-ready clean and tidy clothes without compromising the life of your washing machine.

Thus, it is time to bring home the all-new Hipolin liquid detergent, which is an emulsifier that works as a bridge between the water and the oil particles on clothes. It enables the dirt and stains to get the liquid form from solid so that it can be extracted from the clothes easily.

Now one question that might arise in your mind is “Why should I prefer Hipolin Liquid Detergent over the regular powder detergent?”

So here are some points that make you clear about the question and helps you to grab the answer. Let’s dig into it and wash your mind!!!

#1 Liquefy Quickly in Water

Hipolin Liquid Detergent liquefies itself quickly when it gets exposed to water. On the other hand powder detergent requires more time to get liquefied, you need to mix powder detergent well to incorporate it with water for the best results. We hope you must remember all the ads in which the brand ambassadors used to show you a bucket of water in which you need to pour 2 spoons of detergents and stir the solution. Now with the Hipolin liquid detergent, you need to just pour the solution in the cap of your washing machine and it is ready to use.

#2 Type of Washing

When you wash clothes by using your hand, powder detergent works at its best but when we use a washing machine or fully automatic washing machine, Hipolin liquid detergent is more preferable because it dissolves quickly and doesn’t put any white residue on the fabric. Moreover, this white residue can cause skin irritation and can be harmful in many ways.

#3 Doesn’t Consist of Bleach

Bleach can be harmful to your delicate fabrics and give it the ugly blemish. Hipolin liquid detergent doesn’t incorporate bleach however, it is ideal for silk and chiffon fabrics. On the contrary, powder detergent has an inbuilt bleach formula that can cause colour evaporation from your clothes. 

#4 Pre-Treater of Strains

Hipolin liquid detergent works as a pre-treater of stains, just rub a sufficient quantity on the stain, leave it for a while and wash the cloth thoroughly and you will be amazed to see that the stain has vanished without any mark behind. It is like getting, set, and go with the liquid detergent. However, you can’t apply powder detergent directly on the stain as it will cause serious damage to your fabric and in the end, the damage will simply increase.

#5 Save Water and Time

As it dissolves quickly in the water so it needs less amount of water during washing as compared to the powder detergent.

If you want to get rid of the white residue borne by powder detergent, you must rinse the cloth with water, constantly until it vanishes. This process takes a lot of time, water, and electricity. This problem of time and water can be solved by using Hipolin liquid detergent.

At the end

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Keep your appearance powerful with impressive clothes washed by Hipolin Liquid Detergent because it is said that when you nurture your clothes, your clothes will make you nurture from others. So don’t waste your time in thinking, just grab a pack of soft, mild, and bleach-free Hipolin Liquid Detergent and give a right wash to your clothes.