5 Big Mistakes you should avoid while Hiring a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer is not something that only celebrities, athletes, or sports enthusiasts can do. Anyone willing to lose a few kilos or have a good lifestyle can hire a personal trainer if you can’t stick to the process.

As humans, our motivation levels vary every day and it is extremely important to stay motivated to start our daily dose of workout.

Thus, a personal trainer can do more. They can help you stay motivated, act as a companion in your everyday workout, understand your health, design a nutrition plan according to your eating habits, and educate you about your body and health.

Once your ears are fed with the right information, automatically your brain processes it and enables you to get out of your bed for your workout.

Still, some people make these costly mistakes while hiring a personal trainer and stay unsatisfied without any results despite spending on their fitness. Understand these mistakes and avoid doing them while you hire a professional fitness coach next time.

1. Not Aligning With Your Objective:

Different trainers specialize in training people with different objectives. Some trainers seem to be the best fit for training thyroid patients, while others train only people above the age of 50.

Some trainers train sportspeople, muscle-building people, and this niche varies with every trainer. It is highly recommended to align your objective with their niche to get the best results.

Thus, speak with your fitness coach next time about their specialization, and then hire them once you feel they might help you attain your objective.

2. Not attending the trial session:

Attending trial sessions is equally important as going for a test ride before actually buying a vehicle. Your health, lifestyle, workout, and many more things are going to be influenced by your trainer once you hire them.

When you talk with them, you might feel like they are the best fit for you but you might experience the truth only when you attend their trial sessions.

Mostly, personal trainers give you 1-3 hours of trial sessions. Do make use of it to understand the person, and trust them with your lifestyle only if you are satisfied.

3. Negotiating for prices:

Your health, both mental and physical, is the most important thing in your life. Do not negotiate for prices with your trainer because it indirectly means that you don’t prioritize your health before money.

Any professional fitness coach has devoted a huge amount of time and energy learning human anatomy, and cautiously design workouts and diet plans for you.

So, they deserve to be paid their worth. Thus, learn the market situation and prices, compare, and if you feel that the pay is worth it, go for it.

4. Focusing Only On Certifications:

Certifications matter a lot when it comes to hiring a personal trainer, but that alone should not be the focus.

Of course, having a number of certifications shows that they have more knowledge in the field of fitness but their experience, previous work, credentials, testimonials matter a lot too.

So, don’t hire a person because he has a number of certifications, and at the same time, don’t simply harden your heart against a trainer who has less number of certifications. Rather, take a holistic approach to their work before hiring them.

5. Hiding Your Health History:

You visit your doctor once every two months, and it is always advisable not to hide anything from them so that they can identify your issues properly.

Similarly, your personal fitness coach is your second doctor whom you might interact with and visit more often than a medical doctor.

Hiding your health history might have costly adverse effects. Thus, disclose if you are a cardiac patient, your weight, any other issues like hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, thyroid, etc. before hiring them.

Also inform them about your eating style, habits, allergies etc., so that they can design your diet plan according to your cravings and food habits. When it is customized according to your needs, you will naturally find it easy to follow the routine.

The Bottom Line:

Ultimately, your trainer should not be someone who scares you every day. They must be your friend and motivator.

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Thus, discuss everything prior and get ready with the required budget before starting the process. Once it is initiated, then there is no turning back and you would see only progress in your journey. Enjoy the freedom to choose your professional fitness coach, and love your weight loss journey.