5 Digital Marketing Tactics for Self-Publishing Book Authors

Digital Marketing Tactics

Marketing plays a significant role in the success of any book, especially for self-published books. Marketing requires organization, meticulous planning, and consistent effort; It’s hard work.

But the bright side is that marketing also involves nurturing relationships and connections, which can be highly rewarding to you and your fan base. 

Now, you’re the best person who knows your book from cover to cover, including your backstory, the reason for writing your book, and who your ideal reader is. So you’re in the best position to connect with your audience and share your story. 

Yes. We know the thought of adding another work to all the time and effort used in writing, editing, and getting your book ready for publication may not be an appealing idea. But if you don’t give much attention to your marketing tactics, fewer people will get to know your book. 

If you want to profit off your book, follow the digital marketing tactics explained in this guide. 

1. Get Media Coverage For Your Book 

It’s not easy to get mainstream media to talk about your book, especially when you’re a newcomer. You get more access to the mainstream media the more you write books.

You have to show them your proven successful track record for them to pay attention to you and your published book. Only then can you get attention from the mainstream press. 

But if you’re a new author, target the small press. Contact the local magazines and newspapers, podcast interviews, niche blogs, etc. Get into book fairs, book presentations, cultural events, and similar events. 

Do everything you can to get the word out. You may need a small professional and dedicated team to help you out. 

2. Get In Touch With Top Book Reviewers 

One of the main concerns authors worry about is getting positive reviews after people read their books. You may want to select the right reviewers for your book. Choose reviewers that are accessible and are familiar or know your genre. 

You can start with the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. A book reviewer can help you promote and enhance your book sales.

You have to craft an email message telling them why you need their specific review. Don’t forget to show them how much it means to you. 

When you get positive reviews, you can use them as testimonials, posts, tweets, or even videos. Talking about videos, that brings us to the next point. 

3. Manage Your Brand 

This point is crucial. You need to let your readers know who you are and what you’re about. Let them know your interests, purpose, values, and passion.

People love authenticity. Be your true self and let your audience connect with you on a deeper level by letting them know what you stand for. 

Every message you put out on your blog posts, social media, bio, and real-life interactions should be consistent with yourself. 

4. Co-Promotion Can Help You Increase Your Sales 

 One excellent strategy is to partner with a fellow indie writer who needs the same help as you. You can talk to your co-promoters about how you can increase results, determine location, frequency, message, etc. 

You can also promote your book and other books from your colleagues that are in line with your genre. You can include them in your blog posts. For example, You can create a blog post on the topic “5 Personal Finance Books You Should Be Reading”. 

People like to have several options to choose from, and that’s why there are numerous lists, and compilations found all over the internet. 

5. Get In Touch With Influencers 

Who would you like to be talking about in your book? These people should influence your potential buyers. They don’t necessarily have to give a book review.

The influencers can post on Instagram or Facebook to show that they love reading your book. 

There are different kinds of influencers: paid and earned influencers. If you find an influencer and think they are worth your money, go for it. You can negotiate with the influence about how frequently they can post or tweet about your book. 


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These strategies can help you get your book out there. As you continue to write more books, the press will start paying attention to you. Have a good team who can market your book for you and continually improve your book’s cover.