5 Lip Essentials Every Girl Should Have In Her Makeup Bag

Lip Essentials

Creating a picture-perfect pout is not everyone’s cuppa. Pigmentation, dryness, and fine lines are the culprits that meddle in attending gorgeous-looking lips.

Considering that Many products claim to be your lips best friends. But, are they? So, before misspending, look through 5 lip essentials every girl should have in her makeup bag.

Lips are the most attractive feature on our faces. If you don’t believe me, next time when you do make-up apply lipstick or stain at last.

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And, observe your look before & after makeup. This will let you know how a swipe of lipstick or just a stain of it transforms your overall look.

If just a lip color swipe can make a huge difference in your look. Imagine! What would the transformation be like if your lips are lustrous and perfectly shaped? Amazing! Isn’t it?

For making your lips looking gorgeous, preparing them before lip makeup is essential. Cleaning it gently with micellar water,  using the best lip scrubs to wipe out dead skin cells and moisturizing lips with a lightweight lip balm are invincible steps that most beauties neglect.

And, then wonder why they don’t achieve attractive lips. Well, now you recognize the reason why. 

So, let’s get the full steam ahead to look through 5 Lip beauty & makeup products every girl should have.

5 Lip Essential Every Girl Should Have In Her Makeup Bag

From face primer to the makeup setting spray & from eye primer to fake lashes everything you have for making your skin & eyes beautiful. Then, why do only the lips have to be discriminated against?

Lips also deserve to be healthier & beautiful. And, here are the essential lip products you can use to enhance their beauty.

1. Long-Lasting lipsticks 

Our lives are busier than ever before. And, using lipsticks that transfer & fade easily makes it even harder.

You probably don’t want to be attentive all the time, and keep asking your girls “ Hey is my lipstick smudged” or pulling your tiny mirror just to check if your proud lipstick is staying on the place.

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One of the reasons to avoid long-lasting lipsticks is a formula that dries out lips. Well, some lipsticks do that, but not all.

Look for waterproof long-lasting lipsticks infused with natural oils for keeping your lips nourished throughout the day.

Long-lasting lipsticks are available in different formulas & colors. So, before buying, cast around lip colors that are aligned with your skin tone.

Likewise, if your skin is medium, olive, or darklipstick shades for dark skin tonewill flatter the most on you.

2. Matching Lip Liner

Whatever lipstick color you choose, also get the matching lip liner with it. Seems needless, but if you’re willing to create a perfect lip shape it’s a necessity.

Consequently, it’s an integral part of the lip essential every girl should have in her makeup bag.

Using lip lines you can even make your lips bigger & Plummer as well. Just Draw a line a little bit above your cupid’s.

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Make it in a sharp cupid shape and then line around the edge of your lip line. If you have pigmentation you can also apply lip liner there before applying the lipstick.

I use this technique every time I want to make my lips stand out and look attractive. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a fuller lips illusion.

3. Natural Lip Stain

Sometimes, all you want is a natural look and let your lips breathe. But, without colors lips look disheveled. Well, for those times you can use lip stains.

It is generally available in pink, cherry, and red color for providing your lips a natural-looking stain.

If you’re new in the makeup world or not used to dark lip colors. A natural lip stain is a perfect makeup essential for beginners.

It’s Intense pigmented & less moisturized than a lip balm.  In winters, wear it on a lightweight moisturizing lip balm, or other days lip stains will keep your lips hydrated while enhancing your look with natural pinkish color.

Besides, if you’re looking for intense pigmentation that looks utterly natural, go with awesome baby pink lipstick shades that fit right in accordance with your skin tone.

4. Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip balms are girls’ favorite. The moisturization process doesn’t have to be so boring & without color. Even though I’m just at home, a non-colored lip balm isn’t my choice.

A sheer tint on lips doesn’t harm at all, and also makes you look good in sudden video calls or guests come by. 

Tinted lip balms also come in different formulas & shades to add up your favorite tinted lip balms in the lip makeup kit and keep your lips nourished every time with a soft tint.

5. Nourishing Lip Scrub

Stop! Complaining and starting improving your lips health using a lip scrub. Crappy pigmentation, annoying chapped lips, and dryness will no longer remain on your lovely lips if you continually use lip scrub once a day.

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Lip scrubs are mostly formulated with natural ingredients infused with skin lightening & moisturizing properties.

Choose your favorite lip scrub formula or create your own homemade lip scrub at home with natural ingredients to make your lips happy & beautiful.

Conclusion: Having Lip makeup products are as necessary as eye and face makeup. Lots of girls miss out on essential lip products and are forced to rely on lipsticks.

Therefore, we have rounded up 5 lip essentials every girl should have in her makeup bag. It will keep your lips healthy & make them look gorgeous.

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