5 Marketing Strategies That Actually Work for Home Automation Business

Home Automation Business

We love convenience. Why should you line up for pizza when you can order one online? You can also book your flight from the comfort of your smartphone.

That’s the beauty of technology and convenience. It helps you accomplish tasks with minimal effort.

Home automation is applying the same convenience in your home. Many people are showing a lot of interest in getting the convenience, efficiency, and comfort of automation at home.

From 2019 through 2021, the home automation market is expected to increase at 21.7% annually. Besides,  57% of consumers who use smart devices in their homes claim they save time.

The smart home automation market expected to hit over $50 billion in the US alone by 2026 has great market potential.

But there are so many players like Honeywell, so you must have creative and effective marketing strategies to maintain an edge.

Here are some of the top marketing strategies for your home automation business. Let’s explore!

1. Create a Compelling and Responsive Website

Everyone is on the internet, including your potential clients. So you need to be online too to be discoverable.

A compelling website is one of the ways of establishing an online presence. Your website should be responsive to be accessible across desktop and mobile devices.

But, your product listing and product information should also be accurate and compelling. Remember, the prospect will first conduct research before settling on any product.

Therefore, the product information should be able to answer some of the questions that they have. Also, your product listing should have complementary products that work best together.

For example, if you’re selling intelligent bathroom faucets, you can include complimentary stylish bathtubs like the clawfoot bathtub. All the product details on the intelligent faucet and the clawfoot bathtubs must address customer pain points.

So, you must include the efficiency features of the intelligent faucet and the water capacity of the clawfoot. Click here now to check out how clawfoot bathtubs are detailed on the website to answer customers’ questions.

The inches and size of the products are shown to help customers know whether they will perfectly fit in their bathroom space.

The bottom line is having a compelling and responsive website with a rich and detailed catalog of home automation products you offer.

2.  Influencer Marketing

When evaluating any new technology, most people prefer to turn to other people’s experiences before buying a product. This is also true when it comes to home automation.

About 61% of people would trust a family, friend, or influencer’s opinion over branded social media content.

So they’re most likely to seek someone else’s opinion before purchasing any home automation appliance. Therefore, most tech companies cooperate with influencers to increase their credibility and social media reach.

The truth is, it’s not easy to be noticed or heard amidst the constant barrage of everyone attempting to sell their products and services. Thus, leveraging on influencers presents the best solution for your home automation products.

Therefore it becomes easy for them to rely on the people they trust and admire. As a result, home automation businesses are likely to increase sales by leveraging influencers who have created a loyal following.

3.  Develop High-Value Content

Today, you will notice an astounding volume of digital content on the internet. This ranges from high-quality content to unique content and content mills. 

So tricking your potential consumers with clickbait does more harm than good. It’s also important to make sure that the content you produce is authoritative and trustworthy.

And this is also true for content in the home automation industry. You’ll find that most competitors don’t invest enough time and effort in creating high-value content.

First, discourage any short-term click-through content, instead invest much of your resources in establishing programs that will encourage high-value content. Doing this ensures you create long-term trust between your target clientele and brand.

Your home automation content should be rich enough to appear on the top page of major search engines’ results pages, such as Google.

You need to enjoy free traffic rather than investing in paid ads. In your marketing strategy, high-value content should be a priority and an effective investment.

4. Emphasize Original Video Content

Most tech companies rely on video materials as a marketing strategy for their products. Most people may lack time to read through a product description or company datasheet.

But your two or three minutes video will attract a multitude of people. Video content is impactful enough as potential clients might relate to the solution your product or service will offer.

Often home automation products can be a bit complex. Focus on developing a captivating story when using video to promote your product’s solution.

This will provide insights into how a consumer can benefit from the product or service. Besides, telling your start-up story or how a certain feature came to life is both compelling and educative.

-Your video should have a magnetic hook that’s good and simple. Then get into detail on why they should have the gadget and finish it with a call to action.

For instance, if you’re dealing with home security drones, you can create a video to display how effective it is. A video is a great marketing strategy as it can convince and show a customer how the smart home device product works.

5.  Email Marketing

emai marketing

If you’re just starting, you may not have established a list of potential clients. First, ensure your website visitors fill out a form with their email addresses while searching for information about your products. Then send them emails with infographics.

Besides, home automation is quickly evolving. Monthly newsletters will help keep them updated with new info about your products or services.

You can’t ignore email marketing in your marketing strategy if you’re running a home automation business. Ensure you can collect the correct email addresses from your potential clients.

Key Takeaway

Any marketing campaign requires a personal touch. Therefore, it’s essential to start from scratch to tailor it according to your brand.

Invest in video marketing for consumers and other service providers like you. It needs to be creative, compelling, and fun.

Influencers are gaining popularity in the tech market. Most home automation buyers are likely to trust influencers, so ensure you collaborate with high-engaging regarding your product.

All your marketing strategies should work well with your brand because it gives a true representation of your brand. Besides, they need to be unique and effective to stand out from your competitors.

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