5 Non-profit Webinars you Watch to Learn Fundraising with Ease


5 Non-profit Webinars you Watch to Learn Fundraising with Ease

Non-profit webinars are usually very insightful and allow you to interact with those in the fundraising community.

After watching such webinars, many fundraisers have made a tremendous impact on their fundraising drive. That should tell you how significant non-profit webinars can be to a fundraising cause. 

You should consider watching webinars with attentive ears to learn about fundraising. To this end, we explore five (5) different non-profit webinars you can check out to advance your cause. 

Donorbox Webinars

Donorbox has consistently provided non-profit organizations with valuable products and services over the years.

This explains why it has remained a highly respected leader in the fundraising industry. The webinars from the Donorbox are of immeasurable worth. Several fundraisers have benefited from the lectures/instructions received through the webinars.

You will certainly find many interesting resources (webinars) that you can watch to boost your fundraising outcome on Donorbox.

A good example of such webinars is the “PowerUp” series. This series aims to teach fundraisers the best practices to adopt when raising funds.

Apart from this, the PowerUp series will impart knowledge on optimising a donation page, among other things.

Furthermore, Donorbox has information-packed webinars with ideas that can be implemented to promptly and consistently raise funds using the text-to-give mechanism.

There are also webinars on different fundraising models, like peer-to-peer fundraising, crowdfunding, etc., on Donorbox. You will certainly have a fill time watching the webinar recordings on the platform.    

WildApricot Webinars

WildApricot is another good fundraising platform one can check out for educative webinars on fundraising and other related areas.

This platform is built to help non-profit organizations grow in leaps and bounds. On WildApricot, you will find resources on volunteer engagement which can be helpful for your fundraising campaigns. 

The recruitment of volunteers is not something to be hurriedly done, and the strategic approach towards it can be learnt by watching a series of webinars on it.

You become a better manager and motivator of volunteers as you implement the ideas locked up in these series.

The webinar on “Rethinking Fundraising”, created by WildApricot, is one eye-opener you should endeavour to watch.

It reveals some bottlenecks stifling a non-profit organization’s growth and tips on how to beat the drop. You will yet learn how to effectively use social media to drive your fundraising appeals from the webinars created to address such issues.

The experts at WildApricot also make it a duty to teach fundraisers and non-profit executives how to navigate the murky waters of inflation to remain relevant in the scheme of things. 

Charityhowto Webinars

Charityhowto has been around for a while. From the name, you can tell that the platform primarily exists to dole out knowledge about fundraising.

And rightly so; you can look to the platform to gain insights on how to go about specific fundraising activities and initiatives. Charityhowto’s webinar portal is a rich reservoir of knowledge that fundraisers can explore.

You will find webinar recordings and information on upcoming ones on the platform. A very good webinar to look forward to for beginner fundraisers is “Free Non-profit Webinar: Start your 2023 Grant Strategy off Right!” 

This should help prepare your non-profit for a fruitful financial/operational year come 2023. You will find the webinar on “New!

How to Secure your First or Next 4 to 5-Figure Event Sponsorship Deal” useful whether you’re a mid- or advanced-level fundraiser.

You can dig further into the archives of Charityhowto to discover several instructive webinars on various topics.

Webinar recordings are available for year-end fundraising appeals, Giving Tuesday campaigns, digital fundraising, etc. It is worth noting that those that completed some of these webinars are given certificates [of recognition].   

KeeLabs Webinars

The portal of KeeLabs is one we cannot afford to overlook when discussing non-profit webinars that make learning fundraising easy.

The webinars are facilitated and presented by individuals who have ‘walked the talk’ in the fundraising industry.

They have constantly passed down hands-on knowledge to the audiences – among them employees, CEOs, directors, etc. – of top non-profit organizations.

The webinars on “Planning your Email Marketing Strategy”, “Designing Inclusive Decisions”, “3 Key Elements to Become an Impact-Driven Non-profit” – and even more – are available to increase your learning experience.

You will also find some useful resources on KeeLabs to help you build a data-driven fundraising system. These can serve as the game-changer for your fundraising operations or journey.  

It doesn’t stop there; KeeLabs has something in view for fundraisers to anticipate. This is about the upcoming “2023 Fundraising Trends: Preparing for the Year Ahead” webinar billed for some time in January 2023.

This webinar will keep you focused on emerging trends and ensure that you maintain a good momentum in your operations. 

Non-profit Hub Webinars

Last on our list is Non-profit Hub, a platform devoted to the education of fundraising professionals. Revered industry consultants and experts design the products and services on this portal.

So, it is a haven for any non-profit professional who wants to be better equipped to raise funds for their organization. 

You can watch a series of webinars to learn how to engage your board members in fundraising better. Additionally, Non-profit Hub serves its audience with highly enlightening webinars on donation page optimization, email fundraising, the art of storytelling for fundraising drives, grant writing, donor engagement/relationship, and much more.

For upcoming webinars, you can plan your calendar to join Jay Wilkinson as he teaches “Defeating Donor Attrition” or Adora Drake as she dissects “Tips to Increase Your Board Member Engagement”. Well, these are only a few among several future webinars presented by Non-profit Hub.


Learning feeds interest in a certain field or area of focus, and fundraising is no exemption. It is important that knowledge be disseminated in a way that makes it easy for an individual to grasp what is being taught.

In fundraising, having trusted experts take on different aspects of fundraising is the first step towards easily learning the concept.

And we believe you will come across these individuals as you watch the webinars on the (fundraising) platforms highlighted in this write-up. 

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