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It’s 2024 & Apple has already introduced Vision Pro to the world. And, we can’t think of a better example to emphasize the fact that technology and the way we perceive it have changed & evolved for every good reason.

Talking about advancement, AI has to be the hot topic of any relevant discussion. Today, whether you’re writing, coding, designing, or planning, AI has something – if not everything – to serve on every plate.

Website development, per se, has been revamped at every point of the timeline. As we are advancing, websites are becoming more of an experience for business owners and their audiences. There was a time when websites were made just to serve a particular piece of information.

Then we moved ahead with generating leads from them. And, now we are officially in an era where websites have become smarter, and faster, and setting their benchmarks on behalf of their businesses in the competitive market landscape.

However, website development is not constrained to writing a bunch of code and designing a good UI for the website. The expansion of horizon has to occur, and the team, itself, has to upgrade itself and their web development processes to get an edge over its competition.

Let us take you through some emerging AI trends that you need to load in your web development arsenal to deliver your clients a redefined web experience, that ultimately contributes to their revenue growth.

Before diving straight into what needs to be done to ace up your web development rituals, Let’s first understand why this upgrade is necessary to take place:

Enhanced User Experience

“AI-powered personalization increases sales by 10-15%.”

With AI Integration, a website can offer a more personalized experience to its users, connecting them more with the brand. This will reflect on the business’s revenue growth as well as enhanced online reputation.

Improved Efficiency

“96% of executives see generative AI as an accelerator, not a disruptor, in their boardroom discussions.”

A team’s efficiency is bound to increase when they have a proper collection of tools to work with. With a plethora of AI tools, the maximum of which is available for free as well, the web development team can work efficiently by automating their repetitive tasks, generating different ideas for a project, and formulating multiple data just within a fraction of a moment.

Better Decision Making

“Businesses missed out on a possible $4.26 trillion in revenue by failing to Use AI in the Decision Making Process.”

AI to the rescue, the way we used to analyze performance and various metrics is now changed for good. With AI-powered analytics, professionals can make better & calculated decisions by studying valuable insights including user behaviour, trends, and performance metrics.

Increased Security

“According to a report by Capgemini, 69% of cybersecurity executives believe AI is necessary to effectively respond to cyberattacks.”

AI-powered security tools solidify the security wall around the website, protecting the website and useful data by preventing any malicious elements from attacking it.

Content Generation

“33% of marketers use AI to write, and 43% say it makes things way faster.”

Content generation has been reinvented since the growth of AI. With the help of AI tools, the content can be generated & optimized only within a few clicks (and a prompt, of course). Apart from this, AI has opened infinite doors for the ideation process and content variation, as it helps the human mind think beyond a certain limit in newer directions.

Artificial Intelligence brings countless perks in different areas of your profession. Talking about the field of website development, with AI integration, your team can reap multiple benefits that you can possibly think of. But, these benefits are the outcome of the right choice of actions in the right direction. This refers to the right application of the right tools in the right place.

Let’s go through some incredible AI tools that you can incorporate into your web development process to deliver an outstanding product to your client.


“80% of marketers already had chatbots as part of their customer experience strategy.”

Who doesn’t love quick replies? AI-driven chatbots enable business owners to respond to their customer queries without any delay. With personalized messages, you can address their issues as you receive them in real-time. The best part? You don’t have to sit 24/7 on your computer screen and wait for long hours to receive these queries. AI is here to play that role, while your client focuses on running their business smoothly & efficiently.

But, that’s not it. You can plan an entire chain of communication with automated responses that solve the customer’s queries for real without beating around corners.

This helps in enhancing your website’s user experience, making your business a trustworthy and reliable source of products/services.

Voice Search

“40% of people use the voice search function at least once every day.”

Alexa & Siri; the names that are enough to prove the increasing popularity of voice search. This integration helps a website to offer a more efficient experience to visitors, which is why web developers from around the world are now focusing on building a website that’s more voice-search friendly. With the help of structured data, voice assistants can deliver highly relevant results.

Voice search can prove to be a power booster for e-commerce websites, as customers can directly speak what they are looking for and with AI-powered voice assistants, they can scroll through the most relevant search results for their queries.

AI Algorithms

“Netflix has saved over $1 billion annually using machine learning from its Netflix Recommendation Engine.”

Ever felt like Netflix knows you better than anyone else? Ever felt like your phone screen is flashing just the kind of content you are craving for? This feels relatable, right? Let us break this to you. All this personalization is done with an algorithm, which is nothing but a flow chart that decides the outcome of your previous action. (no, we are not talking about Karma.)

With AI&ML, you can study the user’s behaviour and their preferences, and implement those data to offer them a more personalized experience that feels meticulously bespoke.

Websites that are working on these algorithms can witness a higher dwelling time and lower bounce rate and exit rate, as they are utilizing their customers’ data the right way, that is, they are learning about their customers and offering them the kind of experience that keeps them connected with the website.

AI Content Generators

“58% of marketers whose companies use generative AI for content creation said increased performance is the top benefit.”

Content can be said as the mitochondria for a website. With the rise of ChatGPT and other AI tools, content generation has never been so easy. Be it images, videos, blog posts, or webpage content, there’s nothing that can’t be generated through AI tools. While you can rely on such tools, brownie points are already in your vault, if you are taking results from AI tools, and customizing them for a more humanized experience to your content.

One point to keep in mind is AI tools are just an instrument for our tasks. While there’s nothing wrong with relying completely on them, using them to enhance your productivity will always be a boon and yield greater results. Collaboration is the key!

Seamless Data Analytics

“48% of respondents use data analysis, machine learning, or AI methods to address data quality challenges.”

Out of millions of advancements, the one benefit that AI has assured is the smooth transition of data analytics from cluttered space to organized & systematic processes. A collection of AI tools are now introduced which are specifically tailored for data analytics.

These tools help to analyze an enormous amount of data in a more precise manner and professionals can focus on essential metrics like user behaviour, browsing patterns, interactions with websites, and so on, and tweak their existing & upcoming strategies as per those results to reach their desired outcome.

While in the initial stage, AI was seen as a threat to professionals, it has now emerged as a competent collaborative partner that is here only to boost your efficiency. AI tools have unlocked not only the doors of possibilities but also the capabilities on an individual as well as organizational level.

DigiHost, the #1 Website Development Company in Mumbai is dedicated to deploying the most relevant practices in our web development process. We fruitfully incorporate AI tools in our web development processes that ensure an excellent outcome for our products, clients, as well as their business growth.

To reap the most incredible results from your website, contact us today and we’ll get back to you with a bespoke website development plan, that is targeted to entice your customers as well as bring visible growth to your business revenue.

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