5 Perks of Chartering a Private Jet For Your Next Travel Experience

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5 Perks of Chartering a Private Jet For Your Next Travel Experience

If you imagine traveling aboard a private jet, you probably picture kicking back in plush leather seats with champagne and caviar while being whisked to your destination in next to no time. While you wouldn’t be wrong, there’s so much more to enjoy about private air travel.

We’ll show you why this luxurious mode of travel is seriously worth considering if you are looking to elevate your next travel experience, wondering how to celebrate a special occasion or want a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Note that none of these advantages are available by flying first class, either.

1. Choose your travel companions

With private travel, the only fellow travelers are those you’ve agreed to in advance. Aside from the flight and cabin crew, you are free to choose exactly who boards that flight with you.

There’s no need to be disturbed by the loud conversations, snoring, coughs and sneezes, or crying babies of strangers. You can look forward to the most peaceful and pleasant of flights.

Post-pandemic, many travelers are now more concerned about the health consequences of traveling aboard a large airliner with hundreds of people.

Private jets offer you a safe alternative by minimizing the contacts you have outside your small circle of traveling companions.

You’ll find a range of sizes of aircraft are available for private hire such as turboprops and very light jets that can carry a small group of passengers for a couple of hours or global jets and intercontinental VIP airliners.

Group air charter flights can be arranged for as few as five up to 500 people, so if you are considering a group vacation or even a business trip, this is perfect for transporting your guests in style. 

2. Choose your travel times

Flying privately means that you set your own schedule. Charter the jet for the time that suits you. There’s no need for middle-of-the-night wakeups to make that eye-wateringly early flight or trying to get a taxi when you’re the last passenger out the terminal on the last flight of the day.

As long as you book fairly well in advance, you should be able to pick a time and day that suits you. If you need to arrange a flight for outside normal hours, that will be fine, too, so if you want to catch sunrise at Mount Fuji or party the night away in Barcelona before catching your sleep on the plane home, then there is nothing to stop you. 

Depending on how long you plan to visit your destination, the plane can be ready and waiting to take you home.

This opens up so many more potential destinations that can be reached in the space of 24 hours or overnight. Convenience is one of the greatest benefits of private air travel. You really can set your own itinerary.

3. Choose your airport

Few of us enjoy the hassle of traveling from major airports like Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle or Atlanta International.

They process millions of passengers every week and the result is often long queues, traffic tailbacks, parking difficulties and hours spent walking through the crowded terminal.

The good news about private flights is that there’s a lot more flexibility in the airports you can choose from.

You can make use of much smaller airports that are quicker and easier to navigate. With private jets using specialist terminals that are unavailable to large commercial airlines, you can speed things up even further. Avoid parking issues, queues and crowds.

Air charter providers will also use regional airports so that you can fly from as close to home as possible as well as pick the airport closest to your destination.

With commercial airlines, regional airports are either unavailable or involve a change of flight. More often than not, charter flights can save you many valuable hours of travel time.

4. Choose what to bring with you

We’ve all experienced the hassle of weighing luggage and sticking to the baggage limit of commercial airlines.

Thankfully, there’s a lot more flexibility over what you can take aboard a private jet, within reason of course.

Bulky items that can prove problematic, even when flying first class, are not usually an issue with private charter flights. So items like musical instruments, golf clubs, surfboards, prams, medical equipment and wheelchairs are far easier to bring aboard.

5.    Choose your own personalized flight experience

Possibly the greatest advantage of private flying is that the whole experience can be individualized from start to finish.

As already mentioned, there is great flexibility on the size of the aircraft, its schedule, its departure and arrival airports, and what you take aboard. These are just the beginning.

The best private aviation leasing company will offer you a personal charter manager. They can work with every aspect of your personal needs. This extends to your inflight experience as well as ground assistance.

If you have special requests for entertainment, catering, sleeping facilities, or other personal requests, your personal charter manager will work hard to make these happen.

Your journey can be truly magical and will be perfect for spoiling someone you love or for celebrating a special occasion. 

Why not consider upgrading to a private charter flight to elevate your next adventure?

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