5 Reasons Law Firms Need Specialized Legal Content Marketing

Reasons Law Firms Need Specialized Legal Content Marketing

5 Reasons Law Firms Need Specialized Legal Content Marketing

Lawyers are the last people on earth you would expect to start worrying about stuff like marketing, let alone something like content marketing, which is a difficult concept to grasp for many conventional marketers who’ve worked for TV adverts and newspaper commercials over time.

As such, the title should make less sense, especially if you are from the legal fraternity and somehow seem to understand that content marketing won’t do you any good.

But we are here to tell you otherwise; in fact, here are the five reasons why law firms need specialised legal content marketing.

For starters, you can never go wrong with marketing; there is a reason as to why a multibillion-dollar industry thrives today.

To succeed and prosper further, you need marketing, whether you have a service that you provide or a product that you need the world to know about.

Law firms can particularly benefit from that; you can either go the route of popular TV show lawyer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame and get yourself the titular catchline of Saul Goodman.

Or, in this digital age and time, you can pick out the right way and go for content marketing, one that proactively works towards bettering the inbound business for your law firm.

So, before we get into the 5 reasons law firms need specialized legal content marketing, let’s first answer a basic question: why content? Why not any other sort of marketing? Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Why content marketing for law firms?

As to why we chose content marketing for law firms as opposed to any other iteration of digital marketing out there, well, for two basic reasons.

The first one is that you can’t go wrong with content marketing; it’s the one that consistently gets you the results.

The second reason is that out of all the marketing types, it’s one of the most prevalent ones and as we have stated beforehand, consistently gets the results that law firms usually look for.

Other than that, let’s see what content marketing actually is. So, content is basically anything that conveys your message; it does not necessarily mean written blogs or articles; content can be videos, pictures, infographics or really any other sort of medium used for getting the message across to the other side.

So, content marketing would then mean that you market your say, law firm, using all types of content mediums available to you; week one it could be a blog post shared to Facebook and LinkedIn, while for week two you could go for a video showing how your clientele have benefited from your firm representing them. Anything to keep the engagement driven up.

Strategising content marketing for a law firm

The first part of content marketing for a law firm or really any other business is to strategise; you cannot afford to just wing it and go in the content marketing process all willy-nilly and haphazardly.

You need a content marketing strategy that documents and guides you through the whole process; starting from the beginning, how you would want to start the content marketing, what medium you would choose for the strategy and what numbers are you looking for.

A strategy is useful because it sets a specific goal for your entire content marketing effort and makes a plan on how you intend to achieve said goal.

For instance, if the goal with your content marketing strategy is to increase outreach rather than directly increase the revenue that’s being generated, your content marketing strategy will follow a corresponding route and if revenue generation is the goal, your content marketing plan will go down a different route, as dictated by the strategy itself.

Now, onto the five reasons why law firms need specialized legal content marketing.

5 Reasons Law Firms Need Specialized Legal Content Marketing

Let’s discuss the five reasons why law firms need specialized legal content marketing to help with their business and the efficient functioning of the firm.

Quality content helps maximise social shares and increases traffic

The first reason alludes to the fact that the primary motive for digital marketing in general is to garner likes, views and impressions, in what is called increasing outreach.

With your content marketing strategy, you want to be plastered on every screen, on the social media feeds of any relevant person(s).

Therefore, what you will be going for is the social outreach or outreach on social media platforms, which will subsequently pave the way for increased traffic.

But that doesn’t happen when you go haphazardly into the content marketing strategy; no, you need a specific strategy that works, and above all, you need quality content, one which finds a greater audience in the sea of users on the internet.

Quality content means good written blogs, creative infographics, engaging and sometimes funky videos and any other content that hits the spot with its message. Without it, your content marketing strategy wont fly and your law firm won’t benefit from it at all.

Domain authority and reach positively affected by helpful content

We’ll again base this one point on you having a content marketing strategy that focuses on quality content above all, and makes sure that the content being shared and posted on online platforms is of a certain quality that rings well with the audience.

A good benefit of this type of content would be how much your law firm and its website or any other social media resource it has would gain in the form of domain authority and reach.

If you don’t know what domain authority is, well, it is when Google recognises the veracity of your content and displays your content among the first results whenever somebody searches for a query that is related to your content.

This is called domain authority and is basically the authority a website commands around a certain and specific keyword.

Plus, it also positively affects your reach, which means that more and more people will interact with your website or your law firm if content marketing is done properly on it. 

Benefits SEO for legal content marketing website

SEO is search engine optimization, wherein your website or your online resource is ranked better among the SERPs, which are search engine result pages.

Being higher up in this regard helps a lot; there’s not a lot of times when you can claim you went to the second page of Google.

That’s like the Chernobyl or the Three Mile Island of the internet; nobody goes there. Either way, SEO helps your website pull in more leads, more visitors and more traffic as any person searching for legal help will be shown your website first, which is essentially a win in this digital world.

You can chalk it up as a business deal done right. Content marketing done right will enable your search engine optimization to get better, thereby ranking your website higher on the SERPs.

It is only with good SEO practices that you can achieve that. This includes focussing on keywords and quality content that helps Google’s algorithm rank you better and higher among the competition; this is where you edge out the rest.

Good web content helps you get backlinks

Backlinking is among the most pivotal tools of SEO and digital marketing in general; what it means is that another website, preferably of the same niche or industry as you, views your content as sufficient or good enough to link your website to itself.

Now ideally, you would want a high-ranking and high-authority website doing so, since it’s no good having a weak website backlinking you.

Many people do this by manually requesting a high authority website to backlink to their website; however, good quality content precludes the need for that and websites automatically backlink to another website if they find the former’s content to be well-articulated and sorted out.

Problem solved easily as backlinking can be quite a lengthy procedure and one where certain websites might demand some hefty payment. Good content and good content marketing will skirt the need for all that and get you backlinking for free from a high authority website. 

Content optimised for conversion actively converts leads

Finally, good content marketing also includes marketing done for converting leads into business and revenue.

Doing so with content requires finesse on the behalf of whoever is running the content marketing strategy.

Content that has been optimised for converting potential visits into business leads and onto actual revenue generated for the law firm will do so efficiently, as long as good content keeps getting posted.

That is because as content goes, more and more relevant people or people more likely to interact positively with the content posted will come to your website for a business transaction, which could be translated to equal business leads that generate revenue for the company. Good content and good content marketing will help you do just that.

In a nutshell,

These were the five reasons law firms need specialised legal content marketing, as it stands to gain the law firms a lot with its emphasis on digital marketing, increasing outreach and converting regular visits into business leads that generate revenue for the company. Done rightly, content marketing can and will help your website greatly.

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