5 Reasons to Use Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Handmade Ceramic Mugs
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Ceramic is a hard, heat-resistant, and brittle material shaped and fired at a required or high temperature. Some of the examples of ceramic are earthware, porcelain, and many more.

The word ceramic has its origin from the Greek which means pottery or pot made of clay. Ceramics are generally combined or mixed clay, powders, and water.

It is then shaped into required forms like a mug, jar, pot, etc. Once the ceramic has been shaped, it is crucial to fire them.

Firing is the process involved in ceramic because it should retain its shape for a more extended period. It is also trendy to paint and add design to make them fun and creative.

Here are the top 5 top reasons to use handmade ceramic cups:

Heat Resistant:

Since most of the products are not much heat-resistant, this ceramic takes its place in retaining and maintaining the heat given on the product.

Ceramic cups and mugs are in trend because of their unique shape and beauty. Since they are more porous, they retain heat.

In addition, ceramic has a higher resistance to heat than glass materials, which means ceramic will lose heat slightly slower than glass material.

Supporting Handmade:

Since machine works are more trendy nowadays, there is a demand for ceramic or other handmade materials.

When a small glass is made, it takes a lot of effort to bring the required shape, heat them, and finally give products with colour and beauty.

Supporting handmade, handpainted will sometimes provide them with the energy to do more from these.

Handmade is always special compared to other machine works since they will have its uniqueness in every single product.


Art is also included in these once the firing process is finished. Different types of art like simple art to dhokra or Madhubani painting being immersed in a glass will make it look awesome.

Also, you can try it as a hobby, and you can make your own glass. This will be more fun, and you can use products made by you.

Gifting is also the best option since they are entirely handmade, and at the same time, it is also possible to customise based on your needs and requirements.

Enhances the Taste:

Some products give some smell even after the outcome of the product. This ceramic will not do that, and you can also feel that the heat will be maintained for a more extended period.

So enjoying a hot drink does not matter if you don’t think about the texture and comfort of the mug or glass when they are consumed.

Eco Friendly:

Since they are made of clay and easily decomposed, they are entirely environment-friendly. Even though you cannot reuse them, it is not material like plastic; they are wholly decomposed without causing any damage to the environment.

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Ceramic Products:

● Dust the products at least once per week using a clean cotton cloth. Even though you use them daily, some special care is required to maintain the product for the long run with its beauty and colour.

● Washing with a gentle soap and water will maintain the colour and usability of the product. This will make them go in the long run rather than spoiling them.

● It is essential to store them safely since ceramic should be handled very safely. Keep them away from the reach of children. Using a middle rack instead of a top will be better if you use them daily.

Many different products and materials are produced by keeping ceramic as its base. Some of them are structural materials like floor tiles and pipes, homeware products like tableware, cookware, pottery ware, and many more.

They are also used in technical product making. Earthenware,Porcelain, and Stoneware are trendy products that have their beauty and maintain them in the longer run.

If you are looking for beautiful cups online and mugs, then Exclusive Lane is one of the perfect places to choose and go with.

They are an online store that helps handmade artisans all over India to distribute their handmade products affordably with beautiful designs and a wide range of collections.

They also have different products like dining, decor, lights, furniture, garden, and many more. Along with these, you can also explore jewellery, food, home accessories, and many more.

They also have an option for a gift, including corporate gifting, housewarming gifts, new year gifts, and wedding gifts.

Never worry about the quality and uniqueness, since it will be in the full range of all the others available in the market.

There are also different art forms included like dhokra, Madhubani, and warli painting work which will enhance the overall look of the product.

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