5 Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen On A Tight Budget

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen On A Tight Budget

Updating a tired-looking kitchen when money is tight is possible. And with clever use of materials, the result will look as good and be as hardwearing as an expensive remodel.

Understanding how to keep the cost down and the results impressive isn’t really a mystery. You only need to follow some simple tricks to start the project confidently.


Bringing new life to existing furnishings is one of the easiest ways to save money on a remodeling project. Kitchen cupboard doors can be resurfaced or painted to refresh their look.

Start by giving them a thorough clean to remove any residue and grease, then treat them as desired and rehang them tidily.

If you’re happy with the existing surface, changing the handles is the simplest to update doors and drawers.

Wise Flooring Choices

Unless you’re lucky enough to uncover an original feature floor, making wise flooring choices is the best way to get a good look for less.

Bottom-of-the-range lino will look good for a few weeks but will quickly begin to look ragged and unappealing.

But this doesn’t mean you should completely discount vinyl flooring, as some excellent luxury lino options are available that won’t break the bank. Opting to use lvp flooring makes upkeep easy while looking as good as natural materials.

Keep The Same Layout

Unless the current layout of your kitchen really needs to be fixed, consider keeping the format as it is already.

The reason for this is that changing the layout significantly adds to the cost. Not making any drastic changes eliminates the need for design input, rewiring, and replumbing work.

If you must rearrange the layout, make this the priority within the budget and reuse as many components as possible to keep the ongoing costs down.


Changing the color of a room dramatically changes the look and feel of the space, and the kitchen is no different.

Consider choosing light paint to make a small kitchen feel airier and more spacious. Opting for neutral tones with bright accents makes changing things up in the future more manageable, as accents tend to be easier to replace.

Bringing artwork and plants into the kitchen is an innovative way to get color and personality to the room.


Don’t be put off by the thought of tackling a kitchen remodel yourself, as there is plenty of scope for DIY projects.

Specialist work, such as electricity and gas, should be left to the professionals, but an amateur can undertake most other things.

If learning tile work feels outside your comfort zone, stick-on tiles make a DIY splashback easy and affordable to install. And if you’re unsure about removing a cupboard door from its hinges, with care, it can be painted in situ.

We can see that updating a kitchen on a tight budget is possible. Reusing and refurbishing materials reduces the need for new items while learning to do some DIY also keeps labor costs down.

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