5 smart cooking appliances/gadgets for a modern kitchen

5 smart cooking appliances/gadgets for a modern kitchen

Long gone are the days when cooking in the kitchen entailed hours of preparations and standing before the stove for much time.

In the modern lifestyle that we are accustomed to, one can hardly afford to devote so much time just for ensuring the meals of the day, hence there has been an evident shift towards smart kitchen appliances and gadgets that not just eases the processes, but saves significantly on both time as well as energy.

Moreover, the food cooked using such smart appliances are mostly more nutritious, healthy and even flavorful on most occasions.

If you too are thinking about transforming your kitchen into a smart one, you may want to bring in the following appliances and gadgets:


The fastest cooking device on the planet, On2Cook first became the talk of the town when it made an appearance in the finale of Shark Tank India Season 1.

Based on combination cooking, the devices blends different forms of cooking – flame, induction and microwave – to offer the most nutritious and flavorful food.

And if that is not enough, it helps in saving at least 70% cooking time and over 50% energy. Besides, the food cooked in this appliance retains all water-soluble nutrients while preserving texture, taste, flavor and colour. On2Cook can bake a cake or pizza in 4 minutes while cook chicken or rice in just 7 minutes.

Smart Multi Cooker

Whether you want to cook an instant noodle, simply boil some eggs, prepare tea or coffee and cook rice – this Smart Multi Cooker by Prestige can do it all for you without any hassles.

It comes with precise temperature setting feature, which allows you to cook the food just as much as you like while ensuring the taste and flavor.

It is particularly most suitable for those who intend to cook smaller food portions or need home-cooked meals even during travels.

In addition to the smart temperature control, the Prestige Multi Cooker offers dry heating, stylish glass lid and ergonomically-designed handle. It comes in a stainless steel body with 1 litre capacity.


Touted as a solution to everyone’s cooking woes, this smart appliance aims to usher in AI-powered tech revolution in Indian kitchens.

The smart cooking jar automates the process of cooking, and carries out all the jobs, including cutting and chopping of ingredients to automating the stirring.

Furthermore, it comes with Wifi connectivity and unique features such as Active Cutting as well as Pause Cooking while its 8” touchscreen offers multiple recipes that are simple yet enticing.

The smart appliance can be used to cook any kind of food – Oriental, Continental or our very own, Indian.

The algorithms fed into it stirs food automatically, tossing green vegetables and delicate foods like Paneer with the blade acting as a spatula.

Smart Air Fryer

INALSA Air Fryer Digital Tasty Fry is the next appliance that can contribute to a smart kitchen. Along with 8 Preset cooking modes, digital display and a touch control, the appliance is equipped with variable temperature and timer control features.

It is powered with Air Crisp Technology, which uses hot air at high velocity to constantly temperature fry without any oil.

It ensures lesser than 99% fat, alongside tasty and crispy food snacks. So whether it’s roasted chicken, vegetables or Aloo Tikka, this is an appliance for all seasons and moods.

Auto Clean Chimney

Cooking often leaves behind odours that may be quite irritable and troubling in kitchen. And not to forget the coughing bouts that traverse around whenever something is fried on the stove.

To get rid of the same, one smart kitchen appliance that needs to be brought home is Hindware Smart Chimney, which comes with a powerful motor as well as Auto Clean feature that cleans and removes the residue concentrated inside its motor with merely one touch.

Furthermore, it has a stainless steel collector for oil to ensure the chimney or surroundings are not spoilt.

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It comes powered with Filterless Technology wherein a screen prevents contact with blower assembly and motor for optimum suction.