5 Things That Will Make Your House Party Epic

House Party

Congratulations! You are reading this blog post that means you took your first step right towards becoming an exemplary party host.

We agree not everyone can master throwing house parties like Mr. Jay Gatsby and become the talk of the town. However, we can try our best to become a buzz host, at least among our friends.

If you plan to throw a house party, the first thing you need to know is how your squad will react to the venue, food, and drinks. And, your guest list should be like an appetizer – short, crisp, and full of drama.

If you can’t afford a DJ, you should know how to blend the perfect tracks with the party mood. What else can you do right? Well, explore here the five top things that will make your house party epic.

1. First Things First, Food

Have you ever been to any party that serves no food? Perhaps, that’s because; Party = food + fun + friends + drinks + music

For crazy house parties, bite-sized finger foods, snacks, appetizers, pre appetizers, and dips go excellent rather than curries and salads.

You should think of the best – potato wedges, kebabs, sesame fingers, vegetable chips, and fries. They go smooth with your sizzling cocktails, too. For sides, you can keep nutcrackers and lavash with two to three different dips.

We have something on our mind for your friends who like to get high at the party, too. After they have their food, how about taking them through a tunnel of bright lights and shapes with a warp speed?

A little DMT would not harm your house party but makes it a striking one. Your friends will love you for bringing it into their lives. If you plan to throw a house party super soon, you should order DMT online right now!

 2. Open The Taps of Booze

Booze is the ultimate attention seeker for the party people. And, an epic house party host should know this game just right.

Whether it’s the vibrant cocktails that dazzle the taste buds or the sophisticated whiskey that demands appreciation, alcohol has always been a captivating centerpiece of any celebration.

But amidst the diverse selection of libations, there’s one beverage that exudes elegance, sophistication, and a touch of mystery— wine.

As the party’s maestro, a savvy host understands that introducing a carefully curated wine selection like that on drinktinto.com adds an air of refinement and intrigue to the soirée.

With its myriad of flavors, aromas, and hues, wine becomes the conversation starter, igniting discussions on vintages, regions, and grape varietals.

Its uncanny ability to awaken the senses and transport guests to far-off vineyards makes it the quintessential companion for a memorable and enchanting house party.

Have something for your non-alcoholic friends, too. Mocktails and non-alcoholic party punch work wonders, and don’t let your teetotaler friends feel left out from the rocking party.

3. Entertainment is a Must

When we say party entertainment, we mean both music and games. You can make a party playlist on Soundcloud or Spotify beforehand and shake your party guests.

The key to making your music work is to know the right tracks and the right time to play them. For instance, don’t welcome your party guests with retro songs or instrumental pieces.

The safest way to pull great music into your party is to pick evergreen party songs. Try this legendary party song list at your next house party.

Food, drinks, and music are great things for minglers. But not everyone is an expert at hanging out with strangers. For these introverts and everyone else, you should plan a few entertaining games.

Any game from poker, dartboard, cards to chess works well for adults at a house party. For extra fun, you can always host a truth & dare session at the second hour of the party.

Or, to make your house party more epic, you can surprise everyone with a murder mystery party theme.

Besides this, a mini soccer football table with shot glasses and a mini foosball soccer table game are two promising game options for booze-lovers.

4. What About Some Fancy Decorations, Huh?

Without decoration, a party is like without blood and veins: lifeless! You can start with placing diffusers at your house party before all the crazy heads arrive.

Lights, lanterns, confetti, candles, and centerpieces; bring everything to life before the party begins. Your party decor adds a character to the overall madness happening at your house.

Also, serveware forms an essential part of your party decor. Pick everything peculiar from your serving trays to beer mugs, from your shot glasses to dip glasses. You know right that your first impression is the last?

5. Surprise Your Guests!

Your guest will remember the first and last five minutes of the party for a lifetime. Then why not make the climax surreal?

Surprise your house party guests before they head back to their homes. One way of surprising them is by gifting them something quirky.

You can gift them an alcohol-infused chocolate box or weed-infused muffins/brownies. Another cool idea to surprise your party guests is to arrange for their dropoffs. Though, your drunk friends will love you forever if you do so.


Not everyone is born a perfect party host. Good things take time to build. Similarly, it takes time to learn the skills and traits of becoming a perfect party host.

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Whether you are a newbie fearing to throw the first house party in your life or a pro, these five things will make your event a memorable one for everyone. Simply follow them, and you will have a blast at your place for sure!