5 Things You need to know about Lightsabers in Star Wars


5 Things You need to know about Lightsabers in Star Wars

The coolest gift from Star Wars is undoubtedly a plasma blade that can slice through virtually anything and creates a sweet slashing noise when swung.

The lightsaber serves as the most recognisable weapon associated with the Jedi as well as the Sith. These blades have etched a special place in the annals of both the Republic and the Empire, becoming emblematic of their respective sects and the mythical eras in which they operated.

Lightsabers  are considered to be “elegant weapons” from “a more civilized age,”.  They are instrumental in bringing about a new period in the history of film.

They serve as a palpable depiction of the unrestrained inventiveness of the filmmakers, which is the very least that can be said for them.

Star Wars lightsabers have captivated our imaginations for decades, but when evaluated through the prism of current knowledge, they raise some fairly big questions.

All the knowledge you need to know about the Sith and Jedi’s preferred weapon can be found in the films, yet that’s still not even close to all there is to know. Despite their allure and mystery, there is a great deal about them that is puzzling.

Stunning Facts Regarding Lightsabers

We’ve all done it: armed with a flashlight or a toy saber, we’ve reenacted classic battle scenes from our favourite movies or invented our own.

However, the true allure of the Star Wars universe’s defining weapon lies in its rich and interesting backstory.

Both in the canon as well as in the real world, there is a seemingly limitless supply of tales and anecdotes involving the lethal laser swords.

There is a wealth of knowledge regarding them that fans should be aware of. Here are the five most important facts regarding this illustrious piece of equipment that everyone should be aware of.

1. Crystal Determines Lightsaber Colour

It is common practice to give Jedi lightsabers a green or blue hue, whilst Sith lightsabers are typically coloured red. The hue of a lightsaber is determined by the connection between its wielder and its kyber crystal.

The strongest Jedi would frequently tint their lightsabers with naturally existing crystals that might be discovered in areas like Ilum as well as Dantooine.

The crystals would acquire a different colour as they formed a connection with a Jedi, most commonly a shade of blue and green but the crystals may take on any color as a result of the connection.

As you have seen in star wars films, the majority of the crystals that were utilised by Jedi were either green or blue, with some also being other hues like purple.

Although not as frequently, the colours orange, yellow, and perhaps even black have also been incorporated onto Jedi robes.

It is important to point out that these crystals have a natural affinity with the good side of the Force and are attuned to it.

Lightsabers used by those on the dark side of the Force are recognisable by their blood-red hue, which results from the crystal being corrupted by the user’s Force-based manipulations and bleeding.

As a result of the Sith’s preference for artificial red crystals due to the fact that these crystals were more powerful when infused with energy from the Dark Side, nearly all Sith  have a red bladed weapon.

Interestingly, Ahsoka Tano demonstrated us how the kyber crystals can indeed be cleansed.  Ahsoka Tano reverted two red crystals that she had salvaged from the  lightsaber of Grand Inquisitor, to their original colour of white through a process of purification.

2. Everything Is Vulnerable To A Lightsaber’s Blade

The lightsaber is the most recognisable prop in the Star Wars saga, so we can expect plenty of cutting and chopping in the narratives.

Because it is composed of a regulated kind of plasma, a saber is capable of slicing through virtually anything, provided that there is sufficient time to slice and sufficient energy behind the stroke.

The fact that a lightsaber can slice through any substance is the feature that contributes most to its popularity.

The Star Wars series is filled with several instances of amputated limbs as well as hands. The dismemberment of the hand is indeed a series’ staple.

These dangerous blades have been responsible for the amputation of limbs on both heroic and villainous characters throughout the Star Wars saga, including the severing of Luke Skywalker’s hand in Star wars:

“The Empire Strikes Back” and  the decapitation of Anakin Skywalker at the bloody hands of Count Dooku in “Star wars: Attack of the Clones.”

A cut from a lightsaber is sterile, therefore the injury probably won’t be lethal. To acquire a prosthetic arm in the Star Wars universe doesn’t appear to be too much of a problem, given the level of technology there.

Hold on!! There are some substances that can withstand lightsaber attacks. A few materials stand between a lightsaber and their foes, and those things are used to great effect by those who would seek to harm their wielders.

In particular, the Zillo beast’s hide is resistant to any kind of attack, even lightsabers. In addition to cortosis, another popular material, Phrik is also widely exploited despite being completely harmless to lightsabers. 

Apart from that, Mandalorian iron, which is used to craft the armour of Mandalorian bounty hunters such as Jango Fett and Boba Fett, is impervious to the slashing effects of lightsabers.

Although the items on this list are few and far between, the knowledge that they exist is priceless to anyone who plans to go up against a Jedi warrior.

3. Rite Of Passage- Jedi Disciples Must Learn To Make Their Own Lightsabers

Given that only Jedi are ever seen using lightsabers, it’s easy to infer that there aren’t many in existence. 

It stands to reason that making one’s own lightsaber would be an important milestone for any disciple of the Jedi Order, and we saw this practise in action on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The episode “the gathering” of The Clone Wars illustrates how reverently the procedure of acquiring one can be handled.

Beginning with “The Gathering,” we saw younglings travelling to Ilum in search of kyber crystals and eventually making their own lightsabers.

But  getting the right stuff isn’t the hardest part. There are multiple challenging tasks in this assignment meant to put a padawan’s courage and empathy to the test.

It wasn’t as easy as going on a treasure hunt; young ones had to overcome challenges both from the outside world and from within themselves in order to obtain their crystals and advance to the next level.

Because the lightsaber is considered to be a symbol of the Jedi order, it stands to reason that the very act of crafting a lightsaber is restricted to individuals who have the ability to join the Jedi order.

4. Darksaber – Unique Weapon And Is Only One In The Entire Star Wars Galaxy

Because lightsabers are available in such a wide variety of hues, it is easy to miss the most obvious shade missing from the palette: black. There is, however, a single black lightsaber in existence.

The old  Darksaber resembled a sword.  It was distinctive from other lightsabers in just that, rather than appearing to be a directed beam of light, it was fashioned in a manner that was almost identical to that of a conventional blade.

The blade was jet black, giving off a halo of white light around its edge and giving the impression that it was drawing in the light and colour from its surroundings.

The blade of the Darksaber was extremely thin and almost completely flat, but it was curved and ended in a spike like a conventional sword.

An early iteration of the Jedi Order had custody of an ancient Black lightsaber at one point in their history.

Terra Vizsla, a Jedi, is credited with the invention of the Darksaber, which dates back thousands of years.

After he passed away, the sword survived and eventually made its way into the possession of a great number of people, both evil and good.

During a time of unrest among the Jedi, the sword would be taken by the Mandalorians, and it would stay a part of their tradition for centuries, serving as an emblem of authority for those who owned it.

5. Kyber Crystal are living entities

Not only are Kyber Crystals the essential component that gives energy to the lightsaber, but they are also in perfect sync with the Force.

These entities, which are referred to as “living crystals” at times, can be discovered on planets spread around the galaxy at locations where the Force is particularly concentrated.

It is possible that the unique crystals have a sentience of their own. They are naturally aligned with the part of the Force that represents good.

A lightsaber’s plasma beam needs a vessel that can endure the extreme heat and pressure seen in the cores of massive stars, and these living crystals fulfill both requirements.

There are many who believe that because these crystals are in tune with the Force’s will, they possess a kind of collective awareness and are capable of communicating with one another and possibly even with other forms of life.

When Jedi Young ones begin to manufacture their own lightsabers, a kyber crystal as well as the Force work together to choose who will become a Jedi. Kyber crystals filled the Ilum caves to the point where the entire place glistened.

However, youngsters couldn’t just pick the first one that they came upon. That wasn’t how it functioned. For a kyber crystal to summon them, they had to wait and listen.

Each kyber crystal emitted a unique frequency, and it was thought that the Force would lead a budding Jedi to the crystal that would best complement his or her unique character.

In the presence of its designated Jedi, certain crystals may play music or show signs of harmony, but anyone else who comes into contact with such a living crystal will feel an immediate chill.

Every single one of the thousands of kyber crystals is one of a kind due to the fact that they are living crystals. As they sang to the Jedi younglings, the crystal greeted them and invited them to make use of it and learn from it.

In addition, it was shown throughout this storyline of The Clone Wars that the crystals had no colour prior to being fashioned into lightsabers.

Lightsabers, which are driven by sentient crystals and have the ability to block blaster bolts and even absorbed certain energy, have played a significant role in determining the future of the galaxy.

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