5 Things You Never Knew About Health

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How much do you know about your health? Many of us don’t know about the shocking facts about our bodies and what changes every day inside.

The source, i.e., the Healthi Wealthi podcast, is one of the best places to know some interesting facts about the human body.

Influenced by RXHL and the podcast mentioned above, here we have shared the 5 things you never knew about your health. The last point about health will really surprise you, so keep on reading to know your body better.

5 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Your Health

Do you know there is a body part that can regrow?

You have been thinking about what part of the body can regenerate? So, don’t be surprised to know that the liver is the only part of the body that can be regrown. If you remove 90% of the liver, it will regrow to normal size in some time.

That is why people with damaged liver used to go for replacement. And the donated liver grows inside their body back to its normal size.

Do you know our body acid can dissolve blades? 

As we know, our stomach produces acid but do you know when the acid forms?

Well, when you feel hungry and do not eat any food for a long interval, at that time, your stomach has empty and produces acid.

That is why the doctor says to eat food from time to time. But there is an exciting fact about acid; it can dissolve blades.

Do you know what the strongest muscle is?

What do you think is the strongest muscle in your body? You will say legs muscle, hand muscle, etc. But don’t get disappointed with your answer, because these all are not the strongest muscle inside the body.

You might not believe the facts, but according to scientists, it’s called the master muscle. And this strongest master muscle is present in our jaw that opens and closes when we chew something.

Do you know there is a body part that does not join with other bones?

Our body parts join with bones, and bones are joined with each other. But did you know that tongues have a single muscle that is connected with hyoid bones?

And then, the hyoid bone is not associated with any other bones. Tongue helps to test the foods but when you eat something, it helps in digestion by melting the meals in saliva.

You can’t hear when you eat crazy foods?

According to researchers, those who eat crazy foods can lose their hearing power. Unbalanced nutrition consumed by the body can decrease or increase your hearing power. It is because the diet you follow can impact your inner ear cell.

So, the high-fat meals prepared with unhealthy vegetable oil, cream cheese, sugar, and sodium, can lose your hearing power. On the other side, the consumption of healthy things like vitamin B12, omega 3, magnesium, zinc, vitamin b9, etc., can balance your hearing power.


So, these were the shocking facts about health that you never knew. The health research wing, like RXHL, is consistently finding out more amazing facts about the human body.

Let us explore more unbelievable things about our body parts and come back again with some hidden secret.

Meanwhile, you can listen to theHealthi Wealthi podcast to learn how to keep your body healthy and active.

Also, you can listen to the impact of eating a balanced diet, how to get an energetic body the whole day and more things.

Lastly, do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section given below. Also, let us know which fact was more surprising for you.

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