5 Tips to Create a Fabulous Wedding on a Small Budget

5 Tips to Create a Fabulous Wedding on a Small Budget

Suppose you found your soulmate and want to live together for the rest of your lives and celebrate your love. The next step is wedding planning.

But even if you don’t have millions of dollars at the moment, you still want your big day to be memorable.

Don’t worry, as it doesn’t have to be too expensive! What is more, it could actually be pretty affordable. Check out our list of tips on creating a fabulous wedding on a tiny budget. 

Create a budget and stay on it

Creating a budget is crucial, as well as defining your priorities. Once you establish a budget, look at the numbers and see what you can live with comfortably.

Then, rank the importance of various aspects of your wedding. Perhaps your priority might be a wedding dress for the bride and a suit for the groom.

Maybe you want a diverse and delicious menu, a breathtaking wedding venue, to hire professional musicians, a lovely wedding car, etc. Consider your priorities, allocate extra funds for that expense, and try to fit in.

Minimize the guest list

More intimate weddings enable you to relax and enjoy yourself with your parents, grandparents, and a couple of closest friends.

A smaller guest list implies a lower-cost wedding for many reasons, so opt for a smaller venue, choose modest-cost food and beverages, tables and table settings, service, and invitations.

You will probably need to explain to your colleagues, neighbours, and extended family why you didn’t invite them to the wedding. But we are sure they will understand.

Wedding venue

Suppose a wedding venue is not at the top of your list of priorities. In that case, you can pick any tiny hall or restaurant that is in your neighbourhood.

A good idea is to organize a gathering in your home if you have enough space. That can be affordable for you and convenient for your guests because many weddings include expensive overnight accommodations and long travels.

Get a wedding car with a hint of luxury

On the other hand, if you want your modest wedding to seem luxurious, set aside a certain amount of money for an excellent car with a hint of luxury.

Visit a reputable wedding car hire agency and pick the one you like the most that also fits into your budget. That will contribute to your big day looking like those in the movies.

Skip expensive traditional dresses and tuxedoes

Shopping sales or second-hand shops are ideal when looking for your dream but affordable wedding dress or suit.

You can hire those clothes from special wedding agencies as well, but that can also be expensive. On the other hand, you don’t need an “official” wedding dress.

Take advantage of the prom night season and buy, for instance, a simple white dress which you can upgrade with some appropriate accessories.

Visit a local craft store and create the dress of your dreams. Of course, your groom can also skip the traditional tuxedo and wear an affordable formal suit.

DIY the photo album

Instead of hiring professional photographers, opt for a DIY photo album. Let your guests be silly and make their shots for your wedding photo collection with a ridiculous DIY setup.

You can purchase an inexpensive backdrop or create one using whatever material you want from a craft store.

Then, add things to the customized setting, such as tiaras, costume jewellery, feathers, funny hats, etc. In addition, set up an application for weddings, enable guests to share their photos, provide them with a temporary mobile number for texting, or create a custom Instagram hashtag.

The list of tips is much longer, but we have tried to pick the most essential ones. Actually, you can wear or do whatever you want on your wedding day – it is your celebration of love.

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