5 Tips to Spend a Perfect Australian Road Trip

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You may be Australian or a foreigner, but you surely love the idea of road tripping with some friends or family across the great continent. Packing your bags and jumping in the car, putting on some loud music, and laughing all the way to your destination – is there anything more exciting?

Road trips are indeed an excellent idea, but only if you’re prepared properly, or you simply don’t care what’s going to happen. The latter means that you may encounter serious issues, which in Australia can often be deadly.

In other words, preparing perfectly and planning everything upfront is the wisest idea you can make. You should mind all details, fix a plan before taking off, and if you do everything right, you’ll have a great time across the Australian outdoors.

In this article, we’re sharing some tips to help you make sense of this kind of trip. We will share five tips you need to consider before taking off. Keep reading to see how to prepare perfectly for an upcoming road trip across the continent.

1. Choose the right season for the particular location

The general idea for traveling across Australia is to go anywhere during spring and fall. These are the best months for visiting most places because it is not too hot and it is still not too cold.

However, particular places are best visited in some specific months, and it will be best if you Google this information to learn when to go.

For example, a popular road trip destination is the one from Cairns to Brisbane. It is at least three days of fun and joy, best done between March and May.

These are autumn months in Australia, and the weather is slowly going from hot to cold, but it’s perfect for having a road trip and enjoying the sightseeing and the stops on the way.

2. Pack a first-aid kit and some safety items

Suppose you decided to drive to the Australian desert and see how things are going there. This is an absolutely harsh place, and the environment is not only inhabitable but also deadly. The hot sun throughout the year can severely damage your skin, and the wild animals there are, by definition, venomous.

Whether scorpions or snakes, encountering one might mean death if you don’t have the anti-venom for them. That means it’s best to take the first-aid kit and fill it up with things that will be essential for the place you’re going.

Also, don’t forget to get the rest of the essentials to prevent the weather from harming you. Sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and similar items are a must wherever you go. If it is winter, you’ll need warm clothes, so pay attention to these details, they might cost you your life.

3. Install a storage box on your vehicle

If you’re going by a city vehicle so small that there’s no room for anything in the trunk, you’ll want to install a roof rack and have everything needed to be placed there.

Other vehicles, like UTEs, have way more storage space, but they are also not enough on many occasions. Installing a UTE tub toolbox or a canopy in the back may significantly improve the storage situation.

If you have four friends traveling together, and they are all carrying various items, you’ll see how there’s always a need for more storage room. A simple add-on to your vehicle will solve the problem and keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

4. Explore the map and understand that Australia is huge

Australia is huge, and many people don’t realize how big it actually is. Some people think this is one country, and no matter how big it is, they can walk through it. It’s utterly wrong to think this way.

Driving from the east to the west coast takes more than 45 hours. It is a destination of over 4,300 kilometers, which tells you how much it is. It is almost identical to driving from New York to Los Angeles in the US.

Almost the same as traveling from Lisbon to Moscow in Europe. These numbers are huge and shouldn’t be underestimated.

5. Be prepared to have the greatest time of your life

Be open-minded and prepared for anything. If you’re going on a road trip adventure, it means that you’re about to have fun, but unless you’re happy about it, you won’t actually be thrilled. Be prepared and know what’s going to happen. Don’t be surprised if something’s off.

If you know what to expect and are ready for the challenges, you’ll surely have the time of your life. Understand that you’ll often be in the car, it may be too hot or too cold, and other things will bother you, but you’ll be with friends, experience new things, and have a lot of laughter.

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