5 Ways to Attract Business from “Green” Shoppers

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5 Ways to Attract Business from “Green” Shoppers

According to research more than half of shoppers are concerned about the environment. While people are somewhat more price-sensitive these days, showing that you care about sustainability could make a difference between selling your product or losing out to a competitor.

Wondering how to get recognition as a sustainable brand? There’s a lot you can do to get the message across. Here are some ideas to help you along.

1. Packaging Choices

It wasn’t too long ago that packaging was all about looking good, no matter how much glossy plastic would have to be discarded in the process.

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly aware of the need for sustainable packaging. Many of them will actively seek out products with no plastic packaging at all, so paper and cardboard are making a big comeback. Even so, beware of overpackaging – it’s another area that makes consumers worried.

2. If You’re Local, Say So

In food-related businesses, being local is a major advantage among environmentally-conscious shoppers.

They know that shipping is responsible for emissions, and quite apart from that, locally produced foods come with a greater expectation for quality and freshness.

Whereas “imported” was once the top selling point, “locally produced” now has greater cachet. Use your home-turf advantage.

3. Get Certified

Third-party certifications are costly to get, but very worthwhile. Many consumers actually take a closer look at what’s printed on packaging, and a prominently displayed logo showing that you’re trying to do your best by doing right could win them over.

Find out which sustainability certifications your products can qualify for, get certified, and display the proof of your efforts.

4. Donate to a Green Cause

People like to feel good about the items they buy. Choose a green cause to champion, and donate a percentage of your revenue.

Once again, ensure that consumers know that they’re supporting a good cause when they choose your products.

If they feel strongly about the environmental issues your donations help to address, they’re likely to support you over your competitors.

5. Make Headlines

If you are as passionate about doing the right thing as your potential customers are, your business is already active in initiatives that help the environment.

Hiding your light under a bushel may seem like the modest way to go, but getting the word out not only helps your business but may serve as an inspiration for others too.

For example, you could send a cheque to an environmental charity privately, but by turning it into an event and issuing a press release, you could spark a movement in the right direction.

Walk the Talk and Boost Your Profits

While you’re getting the word out about your green business, be sure that your in-house practices match the ideals you want your products to stand for.

Getting caught out for “greenwashing” or creating a facade that doesn’t match reality will spoil your efforts. If you want to capture the hearts and minds of those seeking to go green, be green!

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