6 Amazing Uses of Vaseline Lip Therapy Original

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original is such a versatile product by its features and uses.

Originality is always preferable than other combined products. Vaseline launches various lip care products with some infusion of cocoa butter, rose fragrance, aloe vera and so on but the original version of Vaseline always comes the first choice for lip care products because of its versatility.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original contains petroleum jelly that provides you 24 hours of moisture-locking feature which is also enriched with Vitamin E.

Main Features of Vaseline Lip Therapy Original

  • It provides 24 hours moisturization to your lips and gives a soft and glossy look to your lips.
  • It repairs the dry, dull and chapped lips and keeps it hydrated all day long.
  • It has essential elements of Vitamin E that provides all necessary nourishment to your lips.
  • It is a tiny tube that takes care of your lips and makes it more gorgeous and healthier than ever.

6 Amazing Uses of Vaseline Lip Therapy Original

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original will not only just protect your lips from chapping and drying but it has a lot of uses beyond this and you will definitely be amazed after knowing that this sleek tube can do more than just spread on your lips for moisturization.

Here are some amazing uses of Vaseline Lip Therapy Original that will leave you surprised!

#1 Heals Cracked Nose

If your nose becomes crackly after wiping it again and again due to the cold and other viral infections, it really hurts. But using Vaseline can help you get rid of this irritating feeling, just apply a generous amount of Vaseline Lip Therapy Original on your nose after wiping it.

#2 Repairs Your Skin from Shaving Cuts

We all face the pain of shaving cuts no matter how carefully we shave.  So by any chance, if you, unfortunately, get a cut during shaving, don’t worry! Apply Vaseline Lip Therapy Original to your cut area and stop bleeding from the skin.

It works as an instant antiseptic on your skin cuts.

#3 Seals Hangnails

Every person goes through the pain of hangnails. If you wash your hands frequently or pluck your skin of nails then you develop the pain of hangnails but chill! If you have Vaseline lip therapy originally in your pocket, you will prevent yourselves from these pains because it has the power to seal these kinds of small cuts.

#4 Protects You from Mascara Smudges

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original helps you to fix mascara smudges without removing your make-up, just apply a little amount of it on your eyelashes and remove the smudges instantly. It also doesn’t affect your foundation and not even touch or spoil your eye makeup.

#5 Avert Hair Dye Stains

Coloring your hair at home is an integral part of your life, which upgrades your looks easily and without any high cost but dying hairs at home bring some messy affairs like stain out from your hairlines.

To prevent this accidental hair dye stains, apply some Vaseline lip therapy original on hairlines just before starting the hair color. It works as a protective layer for your skin.

#6 Works as a Sunscreen for Lips

Looking for a sunscreen that can work the best for your skin? Vaseline lip therapy originally works as it is for your lips and acts as the best sunscreen you can ever wear. It contains SPF 15 that protects your lips from UVA and UVB rays.

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With wrapping up,

Vaseline Lip Therapy Original is such a versatile product by its features and uses. We hope that reading the above benefits could have amazed you. Do not wait further and bring this tiny product in your vanity kit as it will help you in more than just nourishing your lips and use it whenever needed.