6 Easy Ways to Improve Concentration at Work

Improve Concentration

For decades now, people have been trying to find a magic formula for achieving higher performance and work.

And after all is said and done, the answer to this critical question pretty much always boils to one factor – you need to be 100% committed to what you are doing at the moment.

The simplicity of this equation, however, doesn’t change the fact that attaining the necessary level of concentration for such a challenge is easier said than done.

The pace of contemporary workplaces is relentless and with the rise of digital tech, distractions have become more abundant than ever.

So, what can all of us do to shut off these hindrances and achieve the highest level of productivity possible? Let us take a look at some of the simple but effective solutions.

Prioritize critical tasks

One of the first mistakes most of us make every day at work is that we tend to tackle our daily tasks without any sense of order and priority.

What you should do instead is to divide all of your workplace obligations into three categories – high-priority, priority, and low-priority.

This way, you will complete the most important tasks when you are well-rested and at the peak of your performance before the daily haste takes its toll.

Also, it is very important not to add more than 2 or 3 tasks to your high-priority group. Taking too many responsibilities at once can break the nerves and drastically affect your focus.

Make breaks to refocus

The human brain is not a machine that can work for hours at the same level without taking a break.

As a matter of fact, recent research says a human being can stay concentrated for no more than two hours in a row.

After that, we need to take a small, 30-minute break before we are able to face critical tasks head-on.

Translating this to a regular 9-hour shift, we get the number of only 6 hours of effective work we are, in spite of our best efforts, able to produce.

But, achieving even these numbers means you need to take occasional breaks or fill in the space in-between with less demanding tasks like brainstorming.

Treat yourself with small rewards

This is an excellent way to de-stress yourself before committing to the next tasks. Also, not all treats are necessarily concentration-killers.

For instance, sensory fidget toys are an excellent way to release some muscular tension without losing the focus of the things you are currently doing since they operate on a purely subconscious, motoric level.

All these small indulgences can help you use the breaks we have just mentioned above much more productively and recharge your batteries faster.

Some more demanding physical activities like running can even treat your brain with a healthy dose of useful endorphin.

Keep your workstation clean and organized

There is no way you will ever be able to attain any level of concentration if your workplace is drowned in clutter.

Every small break you take to find a pen, sort through the scattered papers, and look out for some important memo takes you out of the zone and shatters your concentration into pieces.

The best way to avoid this gigantic roadblock is to simply keep your workplace organized and clean. All items and tools you use over the course of the day need to have their place and be at the reach of a hand.

This way, using your daily items becomes almost a motoric activity you perform without having to think about it.

Try to create yourself peaceful environment

Obviously, loud coworkers, workplace noise, and all other aggravating sounds are one of the worst things that can happen to you if you are trying to stay focused on your work.

If you feel especially distracted by these things, ask your manager to be moved to some quieter, better-isolated part of the office.

If that is not an option, try getting yourself some decent headset with a noise cancelation function.

Even if you are not in favor of jamming your favorite tunes while you are working, playing some soft relaxing songs, meditation music or even the sounds of nature (birds, sea, etc.) can help you get into the groove.

Exercise before you go to work

We already touched upon this topic when we talked about workplace treats, but this time we are talking about a committed half an hour exercise that will help you break some serious sweat.

Physical activity is incredibly beneficial for mental health and it clears plenty of headspace that is stuffed with hasty morning thoughts.

And as we mentioned before, a healthy rush of endorphin you will get after will make you much more relaxed.

If exercising is not your gist, you can get similar results by sitting down and simply doing a meditation session. Whatever takes the mental clutter away, can only make your day better.

We hope these few tips will help you finally get into the zone and score better results at work. Good performance can’t be imagined without commitment and concentration.

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Motivation is something you will have to pick up along the way. But, you now know what it takes to get into the zone and that is an excellent foundation.