6 Ideal Racking Systems for Your Storage Facility

Ideal Racking Systems

Selecting the right racking system can make great changes from the bottom line. Opting for a well-designed system can enhance storage productivity, increase the storage space of the warehouse, and much more.

Furthermore, you will find a wide range of racks for storage facilities; some of them are cheap, and others are expensive, while some are cost-effective. But the question is how to choose the right type of racking system as per requirements?

Well, we have drafted a write-up to guide you throughout the journey of selecting the right type of shelves or racks. Have a look to know about the six different types of shelving systems. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Quality Racks?

Before hopping on to the different types of racks for storage, we have mentioned some key factors to consider when buying racks. High-quality shelves must have these qualities.

  • It should have a standard structure as per the requirement of the storage facility.
  • The racks must be designed after engineering research. Usually, innovative efforts create efficient structures for storage facilities.
  • The rack must be able to handle the heavy weight of your storage.
  • Also, you need to make sure that the production process of the racking system is reliable. It should be an automated manufacturing process with traceability, quality monitoring, and control in every phase.
  • The steel shelving system is known as the highest quality material and durable.
  • The structure must be in compliance with local and international regulations.

6 Types Of Racks For Your Storage

1. Single-Rivet Boltless Racking System

It is known as a lightweight and simpler boltless rack. Moreover, it is one of the racks which are beneficial for medium-weight and low-weight items. It consists of aluminum decking, particleboard, and wood board.

With the lightweight quality, it has cold-rolled sheet steel beams. Also, it provides structural integrity for light or medium-duty applications.

Mostly a Single-Rivet unit includes 48′ width with thin beams. These characteristics help to increase visibility as well as accessibility.

So, if you have a package distribution storage facility or other small postal, then go for this racking. Furthermore, it can be used in residential-based garages.

2. Long-Span Boltless Racking System

Long-span boltless shelving is popular as a double-rivet. The term “long-span” simply denotes the boltless shelving systems’ heavy-duty nature. It is capable of accepting heavier and longer items with a width up to 96”.

Long-Span boltless shelving features heavier decking and more robust steel shelving posts. It provides great structural integrity. But, it has limited accessibility as compared to the single-rivet unit.

You can find the long-span shelving in warehouses, supply rooms, and larger distribution centers. Often, they are used to complement conventional industrial racking solutions, like pallet racking.

3. Standard Adjustable Pallet Racking

It is an adjustable pallet racking system used as industrial racks that store pallets mechanically using forklifts.

You might know that with the help of forklifts you can access the goods by the aisles which run parallel to the racking.

Also, it has immediate and direct access to the products stored. It has a standard aisle width as well as stores a single pallet at the backside of the racks.

4. VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Pallet Racking

VNA pallet rack is known as a compact version of adjustable pallet racking. It helps to create capacity storage and a higher density system without needing more space.

VNA is a pallet rack that is compacted by narrowing the aisles. It means the outcome will be saving space by about 40%. 1.5 m should be the minimum width of the aisle in the pallet racking system.

Further, you need special handling equipment for installing the VNA racks in your storage. Installing this rack will make work easier and smooth.

5. Double Deep Pallet Racking

Well, a double deep pallet rack storage lies between compact systems and adjustable racks. In this type of rack, pallets are usually stored in the 2 depths. Hence, it can achieve a high storage density.

Furthermore, a double deep pallet rack is used in conjunction with forklifts. It can be fitted frequently with a pantograph mechanism. A Deep double rack is one of the best storage solutions consisting of ideal racking features.

6. Compact Racking

Discussing compact racking, it’s a high-density storage system that fully optimizes storage space and height by decreasing the truck’s work aisles to the highest.

In compact racking, parallel aisles are created inside the structure, and their forklifts can enter and move around for the pallet loading or unloading. Compact storage systems are suitable when there is a problem with space.

You will see two types of compact racking:

Drive Through Pallet Rack

This racking system needs two work aisle accesses, and that should be one on every side of the rack. It operates according to the First in, First out (FIFO) method. In this method, the first product in the pallet is the first one to take out.

Generally, a FIFO storage system is recommended for storage with high rotation items.

Drive-in Pallet Rack

It is one of the most widely used racking systems. You just need one access aisle for the forklift. It works with the Last in, First out (LIFO) product management method. This means the last pallet will be the first one to leave the rack.

Before hopping on to the different types of racks for storage, we have mentioned some key factors to consider when buying racks, such as durability, weight capacity, and ease of installation.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the option to sell your shelving, ensuring flexibility and potential financial return. High-quality shelves must have these qualities.


So, you have read about the top 6 types of racking systems. We hope now you will be able to select the best rack for your storage facility. Always remember to compare the racking system.

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