6 of the Most Popular Architecture Styles for Luxury Homes

Whether you are looking for a nest or good investment, Luxury homes are top on the list. Since its inception, humankind loves decorating their home with beautiful structures, colours, clothes, designs etc.

We can see the ancient Greek structures or medieval Scottish houses and cottages still attract visitors from all over the world.

With a vintage touch and modern equipment, you can create your dream luxury house. People love exploring slick, large, nature-friendly, European, modern,

Hollywood etc houses. Silhouette shades, summer shades, modern rich colours, and plain white tiles are very popular nowadays. In this blog, we will discuss six types of luxury houses. Let’s begin.


If you love contemporary architecture then this is the best option you can avail yourself of. Low roofs, tapered columns, and huge windows will create a good best for your family.

If you love earth tone colours like grey, dark, and brownish grey then the Craftsman style is best for you.

They are mostly built of stones and wood. Just like old medieval houses! Craftsman homes have rich wood details, bright patterns, beautiful architecture and so on.

If you are a fan of the natural environment then the craftsman style is the best option for you. There are different types of craftsman styles also. Choose as per your foundation and area.


Bungalows are California-style homes. They are also similar to the craftsman style. Low-pitched roofs, a simple layout, and surrounded lush green scenery sound awesome.

It’s a wild nature house. Most people see bungalows as a valuable investment. Bungalows are mostly situated in rural areas.

Though nowadays we can see them in the city area also. Bungalows are made of stones or wood. You can use soft colours to decorate your bungalows.


Farmhouse is one of the best fruits of American architecture. Previously it was used for practical purposes only but nowadays it has become a very trendy style.

If you are looking for a good investment in a town or rural area, then a farmhouse is the best for that environment.

A nice weekend with family at a farmhouse sounds really great. You can model your farmhouse in Victorian and Colonial style.

Functional porches, wide front area, silhouette shades, simple furniture etc will be really good. Farm houses are made of wood with traditional ceilings.

Federal Colonial

The federal colonial style is a fruit of Roman classicism. It’s similar to Georgian Colonial style. It is mostly made of bricks.

It has a large entrance, huge terrace, ornamental columns, wide ceiling, silhouette shades, elliptical windows, beautiful staircase and so on.

If you are a fan of large houses with royal decorations then Federal Colonial is the best option for you. Federal colonial houses can attract a lot of visitors due to it’s classic look.

You will find this design very soothing and royal. The whole structure speaks of wealth only. Ornamentation of the house makes it look ancient. There are different types of Federal Colonial. Choose as per your taste.

Modern Hollywood styled house

Modern-day homes are a mixture of old designs and new ideas! Today we can have anything in our house! 

We can have a swimming pool, library, gaming room, beautiful balcony, luxury bedrooms, a beautiful garden and so on.

You can add modern equipment, bright lights, silhouette shades, and furniture in your house. Definitely, you will be the most popular neighbour in the locality!

You can choose Hollywood inspired decorations for home. Or design a modern condo or studio apartment in a luxurious way. False ceiling, bright lights, and bright colours carpets will make your house exclusive.

Contemporary glass houses

You know Contemporary and modern architecture can be mixed? You can decorate your house in a modern way and at the same time can connect with sustainable movement?

Contemporary houses are very popular nowadays. You can opt for glass house or simple wood house but in rich decorations.


Hope this blog will help you with luxurious houses. Want to become the popular neighbour or friend in the town? Also, want to create a soothing situation then go through our blog to know more about luxurious houses.

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