6 Personal Grooming and Beauty Treatments to Try at Home

Personal Grooming

6 Personal Grooming and Beauty Treatments to Try at Home

Who doesn’t love an affordable beauty treatment?

You don’t have to be an expert beautician to participate in some self-care. With spa days, homemade oils and scrubs, and a few age-old techniques, pampering yourself can be easy.

Here are six beauty and grooming treatments you can do in the comfort of your own home!

1. Scalp Oil Massage

A warm oil massage for your scalp promotes blood circulation, growth of hair follicles, and scalp nourishment.

Your scalp needs just as much care as any other skin on your body. Take a break from using harsh shampoos and conditioners on your scalp and moisturize it with a nourishing lubricant.

You could prepare oils at home or purchase them from any store. Coconut, rosemary, argan, and sesame oils are the best base oils for your hair. If desired, mix them with other essential oils.

Leave the oil on your hair for no longer than an hour before you wash it off with cold water and shampoo to reap benefits.

2. Teeth Whitening

White teeth are a strong beauty statement. Probably, that’s why people spend an incredible amount of money at the dentist to bleach their teeth.

With Smile Brilliant’s lab-direct whitening service, you will get red carpet-ready teeth without the hassle of making dentist appointments.

It’s low effort and you don’t have to compromise the health of your teeth as you could have by using homemade remedies like baking soda to brighten your teeth.

Smile Brilliant offers a range of tooth care products that are not only affordable but also more effective than any other brand in stores.

3. Vaseline Pedicure

The underside of your feet has the toughest skin compared to the rest of your body.

Sometimes, you may develop calluses from the layering of dead skin cells on the foot. But there’s a foolproof technique to get rid of the tough skin on your sole.

All you need is Vaseline (or any brand of good petroleum jelly), cotton socks, and a bucket of hot water.

Soak your feet in warm water until your skin softens then wipe off excess water. Apply a thick layer of Vaseline on your sole and cover it up with cotton socks. After a few hours, wipe your feet clean with a damp towel.

Petroleum jelly will soothe the dryness and hardness of the skin and peel the dead skin off.

4. Facial Steam

Facial steaming is a technique used to hydrate your skin and rid it of excess sebum and bacteria.

The steam opens up pores on the skin and cleanses it by killing off acne-causing bacteria. It provides water to your skin cells which keeps your skin bouncy and moisturized.

There are two ways to steam your face at home.

You can purchase a steamer designed specifically for this purpose. Otherwise use the ‘bowl method’ where you place a bowl of filtered (clean), hot water on a table, cover your head and the bowl with a clean and dry towel and allow the steam to work its magic.

5. Body Scrub

A simple body scrub can go a long way.

Every day, your body gathers dust and dead cells. Scrubs are used to exfoliate, massage, and moisturize your skin. Scrubbing promotes blood circulation in certain parts of your body and helps in cell rejuvenation.

With different ingredients, you can create scrubs for specific purposes like de-tanning, moisturizing, or simply cleansing. Find some popular mixes here!

The fun thing about scrubs is that there are so many new ways to customize them, you’ll never run out of ideas.

6. Henna Hair Mask

Henna is a commonly used natural dye in parts of Asia and Africa. But it has many benefits!

Natural henna powder can be used as a hair mask. It contains vitamin E which is responsible for softening hair, antioxidants, and proteins that strengthen the root of the hair. It suits all hair types.

You can mix henna powder with water and apply it to your hair. Leave it on till it hardens and wash it off with regular shampoo and water.

Note that henna stains skin and hair temporarily. The dyeing effects would appear stronger on light-colored hair.


These treatments will help you destress after a long week and indulge yourself. Start a brand new day with a fresh, relaxed, and cleansed body and mind!

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