6 Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners

6 Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners

Small businesses often have many tasks to do but feel as if there’s just not enough time to complete them.

Time is an essential commodity for any small business, and there are ways that you can be more efficient and productive at work. Below are a few tips you can use to increase productivity in your business.

1. Have a Schedule

One thing that eats into productivity is when your attention is scattered. When you have divided attention, it takes tasks longer to get done.

To maximize your productivity, plan your tasks. If you have meetings or events scheduled, try to schedule them within a specific range of time so that you’re not constantly in meetings throughout the whole day.

For instance, morning hours can be meeting hours, and then your afternoons are free to do other tasks.

Once you have a schedule going, you can anticipate what your day will be like, and you won’t struggle to get things done.

Speaking with third parties, such as suppliers, will be much easier once they know your schedule, and it also becomes easier for them to work with you and be more productive.

2. Prioritize Tasks Using Your Calendar

Once you have a working schedule, ensure that you prioritize the most urgent and important tasks in a day.

Try to plan out your next day as soon as your shift during the current day ends. Planning will ensure that you have taken care of all the important tasks in a day. You can manage this by using your calendar (paper or digital), a planner, or a to-do list.

To know which tasks to prioritize, pick the most urgent tasks and then tackle the less urgent tasks.

It may also be advisable to have time set aside for unplanned events that may arise or are urgent or important.

Also, avoid the temptation to skip from task to task. It is more productive to do one task and then move on to the next one than to randomly skip around.

3. Monitor and Refine Your Scheduling and Planning

Just because you have a schedule or plan that is working does not mean that things can’t be changed up.

In some cases, some seasons are busier than others in a small business, and it may be wise to change your schedule to accommodate the busy season.

In some cases, if your plan is not as effective as it was previously, make some changes to ensure that you are productive in your business.

If tasks take longer than usual, you can hire someone who will do that task and free you up to enable you to do something else.

4. Find Technological Solutions

Technology is effective and can save you time to focus on other tasks. You can use applications and convenience features that will help manage some tasks.

For example, you can schedule your social media posts to automatically update at a set time rather than doing it yourself.

Using technology to save time will enable you to better focus on other various elements in your business.

5. Consolidate Your Communication

Communication is a central part of any business, and having efficient and excellent communication takes a lot of time and effort.

One of the ways to make this more efficient is to have business phone systems that carry out multiple tasks.

A unified system that enables you to make phone calls, send mass text messaging, have video conferencing and fax messaging will definitely save you time.

A system that takes care of all your communication needs is productive since you will save time and money as you do not need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment and software.

6. Move Information Onto the Cloud

Having your business information on the cloud makes it easily accessible from anywhere. Cloud storage will increase your productivity since you can access important documents from anywhere.

Cloud storage is especially beneficial for small businesses because it saves money since you can buy large storage for a reasonable price.


Saving on time is crucial to becoming more productive in your small business. It helps you build success because you will spend your time and focus on achieving your set targets and concentrate on the things that will make your business flourish.

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