6 Things to Pay Attention to Keep Your Workspace Clean and Healthy


Cleanliness is an important factor in maintaining a healthy and comfortable work environment in the office.

Through consistent efforts and collaboration from all employees, cleanliness in the office can be maintained properly, creating a comfortable and healthy environment for all who work there.

Improving cleanliness in the office is an important aspect that needs attention due to the following advantages!

  • A clean and tidy work environment can help increase employee productivity.  When the workspace is well organized, employees can easily find the documents, tools, or materials they need.  This reduces time wasted looking for items and helps employees stay focused on their tasks.
  • A clean workspace reflects the professional image of the company. When clients, business partners, or other visitors come to the office, a clean and orderly work environment makes a good impression. This helps build trust and enhance the company’s reputation.
  • A cluttered and messy workspace can create stress and anxiety for employees. In a clean and organized environment, employees feel calmer, relaxed, and more focused on their work. A mentally comfortable work environment can also help improve the general well-being of employees.
  • Can promote better collaboration and teamwork. When all items and documents are well organized, employees can easily share information and work together on projects. This facilitates better communication and improves teamwork efficiency.
  • Employees do not have to spend valuable time cleaning or searching for lost items. This saves the company time and resources, which in turn can be allocated to more productive activities.

How to Keep Workspace Clean and Healthy?

Ensuring a clean and tidy workspace is not only the responsibility of employees and janitors but also the responsibility of employers and managers.

By creating an optimal work environment, companies can improve employee health, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Some areas that need attention in maintaining cleanliness in the office include the following below.

1. Work Desk

The work desk is an area that is often used by every employee. Thus, it is a must to clean the table regularly, remove dust and keep the table surface clean. In addition, make sure to organize cables and electronic devices neatly.

2. Floor

The office floor must be kept clean and free of dirt, dust, and rubbish. Janitors need to carry out regular sweeping and maintenance using a vacuum cleaner or floor sweeper.  This is also the case if the office is using carpets. You may want to hire a carpet cleaner once every 6 months.

3. Communal Area

Shared spaces such as dining rooms, recreation areas, or waiting areas are places where employees congregate.

Keep this area clean by regularly wiping the tables, chairs, and other surfaces. Also, make sure there are enough trash cans and facilitate personal hygiene habits such as washing hands.

Common areas such as corridors, stairs, and lobby areas also need attention.  Keep this area clean by dusting, neatly arranging supplies such as magazines or brochures, and maintaining overall tidiness.

4. Bathroom

The bathroom is an area that must always be clean and kept hygienic. Make sure the bathroom is equipped with sufficient soap, tissue, and hand sanitizer. Clean toilets, sinks, mirrors, and floors regularly to maintain cleanliness and user comfort. 

5. Meeting and Presentation Room

Meeting and presentation rooms are places where important business meetings take place. Make sure tables, chairs, and presentation equipment are kept clean and ready for use. Also, clean the projector or projection screen if you have one, and ensure adequate lighting.

6. Air Conditioners

The cleanliness of the air conditioner (AC) in the office has an important role in maintaining air quality and a comfortable work environment. 

A dirty air conditioner can be a nest for germs, dust, and allergens.  If the air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, these particles can be dispersed into the air in the office and can affect air quality. 

Good AC cleanliness helps remove germs and dust so that the air produced is fresher and cleaner.  Thus it can help ensure employee health can be maintained properly.

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In addition to the areas mentioned above, it is also important to follow applicable hygiene guidelines such as maintaining hand hygiene by diligently washing hands, using hand sanitizers, and maintaining personal hygiene.

Providing facilities such as sufficient trash cans, tissues, and cleaning products also helps in maintaining cleanliness in the office!

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