6 Things We All Need to Stop Doing on Social Media Now

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6 Things We All Need to Stop Doing on Social Media Now

Social media is one of the most popular ways for promoting your brand and company. If your business has an active account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it can help boost sales of your products and services considerably.

There are many things that you can do right now to improve brand awareness on social media. For example, if you consider your posts and tweets too old-fashioned and boring, please, click to visit the best service that can help revive your Facebook posts and Instagram stories significantly.

On the other hand, social media can do your business much harm if you don’t use them correctly. One reckless like, careless comment, or flippant post can ruin your business’s reputation forever. In today’s article, we will tell you what you should never do on social networks. 

What we don’t need to do on social media today

Time dictates its rules. A couple of years ago, the issue of ethics in social media was not so acute. Now, the social networks of companies and their owners have come under the influence of trends in building personal boundaries, tolerance, and tact. Starting today, we recommend that you do not do the following when using social networks.

Don’t mix personal and professional on social media

Entertaining and interesting posts on social networks are the basis for success for both your personal account and your company`s account.

However, you should remember when you are addressing people on your behalf and when on behalf of the company.

Your marketer must feel the line between private and public while promoting your company on social networks.

Don’t post a photo of what you have had for lunch just now on your company’s Facebook page unless your company is in the food business.

Don’t get mad at negative reviews

Promotion of your company’s services on social networks is accompanied by an increase in the number of reviews, including negative ones.

There are no perfect businesses, and your employees sometimes make mistakes. As a result, we can get a lot of negative comments.

It’s important to remember that negative comments are there to help you fix things and not to make you angry. Hence, they only help the development of your company.

Instead of being sarcastic or rude in response to negative feedback, try to solve your customer’s problem.

Start politely responding to negative user comments and be sure to help them. In this case, you will get even more customer loyalty and respect for your brand.

Stop publishing only texts

One of the biggest mistakes that companies always make on social media is publishing only texts. Stop doing it today.

Customers like illustrations. So, provide them with as many quality photos and videos of your products and services as possible. In this case, you will get much more likes and positive comments.

Don’t abandon your company`s account

Many business owners forget an important detail. Personal and public accounts on social media are two different things.

On your personal Facebook page, you can post whenever you want. However, treating your company’s business account the same way is equal to failing your brand’s social media reputation.

You can only promote your company account if you get into the habit of posting regularly. Thus, your customers will quickly get used to receiving news, promos, and info about your company from your social networks.

If you keep on making chaotic posts, your customers will leave. You can post with the following regularity:

  • Twitter: 3 – 12 tweets per day
  • Facebook/Instagram: 2 – 3 posts per day
  • LinkedIn: 18 – 22 posts per month

Stop spamming

Don’t treat your audience and your customers like idiots. They have already subscribed to your company`s account.

It means they are interested in your services and products. And they know how to contact you. Hence, stop spamming them daily with your endless ads and promos. Tell us more about the company and its employees.

Stop posting unedited texts

Many companies post texts with plenty of grammar and punctuation mistakes. This is unacceptable. Stop posting dirty texts right now.

If you do respect your audience, always publish only literate and proofread texts. This will also increase users` loyalty to your company and brand in general.


Of course, this list is not complete. There are plenty of other things you can stop doing on social media right now.

However, if you use our expert recommendations, you can improve your company`s reputation right now.

You need to define a clear line between good and bad marketing practices on social media. Once you find the right balance for each of the above aspects, you will know that you are moving in the right direction. Avoid these mistakes, and your marketing campaign will pay off substantially.

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