6 Things Your Customers Can Customize Using WooCommerce Product Designer Tool

WooCommerce Product Designer Tool

In 2022, the printing market of the US alone is $78.9bn. Printing businesses have become highly competitive. The advancement in technology has added various tools that can change the way you do your business.

To maintain the position in your market, you need to adopt the changes that are happening in the industry. One of such technological advancements is a product design tool.

There are various platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Odoo, etc. offering the product design tool.

If you already have an eCommerce platform, you just have to buy a tool that is compatible with your platform. But if you are starting from scratch and need a recommendation, then we will recommend the WooCommerce product designer tool.

The reason for choosing WooCommerce is that it is a user-friendly, budget-friendly, secure and scalable platform.

We have listed a few products that can be customized to upgrade your business. 


What clothing items do you sell? T-shirts, hoodies, shirts? To offer customization it does not matter what clothing item you are selling. You can make customization as your USP to make the mark in the industry.

You can achieve that with the product design tool. This tool will allow your customers to create the design of their dreams on t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, etc.

Nothing can match the satisfaction of printing your ideas into reality. Give your customers the ability to create something new, this will surely attract them because who likes the same boring design?


The feeling of receiving a diary or pen having your name engraved on it is of a whole different level. Use this technique as your USP.

With the designer tool allow your customers to write text, add clipart and images to books, diaries, pens, etc. Customers can also create business visiting cards using these tools.

These things also work as one of the best gifting options. Companies can give a customized set of books and pens to their employees as a part of a welcome gift.


The shoe is one of the most trending custom products right now. Who does not like to have a pair of funky sneakers?

Painting plain white sneakers to something funky is trending right now. Some do it on their own and some get it done from the experts.

Millions like the idea of having something that no one has. This idea of exclusivity is not possible even if you are selling customized products online.

It is only possible when you let them design what they want so that they will have a unique product with them.

A few companies like Nike, Vans, etc., are offering customization options on sneakers. So this makes customizable shoes one of the best industries to jump in.

Thus, if you are running a shoe business or planning to be, we recommend investing in the WooCommerce product design tool as it is user-friendly and budget-friendly.

Photo Album

The proposal, engagement, wedding, newborn baby, birthday, anniversary, whatever be the occasion, people hire professional photographers to capture special moments that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Customers often hesitate for photo albums as they do not want to deal with the process of photo selection, and sometimes they are disappointed with some photos, designs, or quotes on the album.

To solve this all at once, the WooCommerce product designer tool is the answer. Give them the freedom of choosing photos, design, quotes, and more for your customers, and all you have to do is print.


Many businesses have made custom packaging their USP. Receiving a product packed in a beautiful customized package saying things that you want to see is an amazing feeling.

Brands can add CTAs like QR, social media handles, etc., on the box so viewers can find your brand easily. Custom packaging is what will make you different from your competitors and help you boost your business.


Sticker marketing is quite old. Remember the stickers inside the chewing gum pack. Most of us have bought it just because of the sticker.

There are various ways you can use stickers for marketing your brand. Stickers can be used for sealing the package, as a freebie with the pack, advertising, decorating, and whatnot.

Stickers are one of the least expensive mediums and a long-term way of marketing. You can allow your customers to create their own sticker designs.

Companies can create various stickers for a cafeteria, lounge, company name and logo to stick on a laptop, etc. Bonus: Install WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/designo/


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Now that you know what can be customized, respective businesses can invest in this technology and make the best use of it. It is a great way of upgrading the business and maintaining the position in this competitive market.