6 Tips for Salesforce Developer


6 Tips for Salesforce Developer

Nowadays, Salesforce will keep adding amazing new features and improvements with each new edition. There are also a slew of new, entertaining features that might help your users be more productive.

You are obligated as a Salesforce Administrator to stay current on these important updates and review and improve your Salesforce organization regularly. 

First, you need to make it a priority in 2022 to up-skill your users so they can get the benefits, boosting your Salesforce adoption and total ROI.

It may include a number of features that salesforce developer will enjoy. They will go through a few of these and some more features that aren’t exclusive to this edition but will be released later this year.

Who is a salesforce developer?

Salesforce Developers are responsible for managing and optimizing the technical aspects of an organization’s Salesforce instance in order to assist the organization in achieving its specific business objectives through bespoke Salesforce development.

Salesforce programmers often use three main technologies which include Apex, visual force, and lighting component framework.

Integrate third-party platforms in an easy-to-use manner. Salesforce developers can use these technologies to create unique applications and processes, as well as improve visual layouts for the best possible user experience.

They also debug a wide range of technical issues of varying degrees of complexity, as well as do other technical activities linked to Salesforce.

Tips for salesforce developers:

Sharing rules needed for all classes: 

They used to utilize the sharing term to ensure User access and permission for Visual force page controllers and trigger helpers. It will be mandatory for Aura and Lightning Web Component Apex classes starting in winter 2021.

Apex classes run in system mode most of the time. As a result, the current user’s credentials aren’t used to run Apex logic, and the current user’s rights and field-level security aren’t applied automatically.

Following this release, you need to hire salesforce developers, and they used to verify that all Aura Enabled classes have the same sharing permissions as Visual force page controller access.

Use the safe navigator operator:

Null pointer exceptions are a common concern among developers, but as of winter ’21, the Safe Navigation Operator may now fix this issue.

They were previously checking null exceptions required at least two or three lines of code, which may be done in one line.

Use dynamic salesforce forms before creating custom detail page UI:

Salesforce developers for hire can design user-centric, intuitive page layouts that present the appropriate information at the right moment.

In Lightning pages, the page layout, or the Details section, can grow clogged with fields over time. Salesforce developers can also use it to prevent duplicating code. 

After you have migrated or built a new Lightning record page, you can add a Field Section component, which allows you to add fields to the Lightning record page directly.

These fields may be required from time to time or by all users, although they are not always. The only option they have come up with is to build various page layouts and profiles, which is time and configuration intensive.

Use aura: if for conditional rendering:

Instead of using slds-hide, if you need to show a block of markup conditionally in the aura component. In the case of slds-hide, the element is produced in advance and remains hidden.

You can also use aura: if lightens the feature and speeds up loading by postponing the generation of the enclosing element until the condition is true.

Install Apex Recipe and LWC Recipe in your Developer Org to learn Best practices:

According to the company, apex Recipes is a library of short, meaningful code samples for typical use cases that follow the best standards.

Apex Recipes which includes Writing fantastic triggers, making a callout, and creating an Async class, are just a few examples.

LWC Recipes will provide code and examples for Lightning Web Components, such as integrating LWC with Apex, creating a form, merging two components, and so on.

Enforce field-level security in Apex:

Salesforce has published the Inaccessible strip function, allowing users to enforce field and object-level checks for insert and update operations. Salesforce has just added visual enum function to System.AccessType class, which checks CRUD access in Apex. 

Strip Inaccessible can be used for various purposes, which help remove fields from the query and sub-query results that the present user cannot access.

SObjects desterilized from an untrustworthy source must be sanitized. Delete unavailable fields from sObjects before performing a DML operation to avoid exceptions.

Summing it up:

Salesforce adds new features and ways to its platform with each new version. To give the best possible service to their customers, developers must stay current with all these exciting advancements, following best practices and utilizing Salesforce capabilities to obtain the most return on investment. It is a great time to discuss what Salesforce developers may look forward to in the future.

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