6 Tips for Utilising your Time Wisely – Time Management Tips

6 Tips for Utilising your Time Wisely - Time Management Tips

Lost time is never found again! We all know about the life of an entrepreneur and how hectic their work schedules are. Although entrepreneurs never have worked under anyone or have to meet any deadlines, which means it is important for them to manage the time and resources accordingly on their own.

Being an entrepreneur you can never afford to waste even a second, as you have to deal with loads of tasks such as setting up a meeting, planning the budget, building marketing strategies, networking, monitoring sales and so much more.

All this with just a time of 24 hours sometimes seems to be impossible so it’s important to know about how time needs to be managed efficiently and smartly! Here are a few tips that might help you out to get better at utilizing your time wisely.

1) Schedule everything!

For busy entrepreneurs, there are a lot of small details to be kept in mind. Even if you think you remember everything, you cannot risk it! There are chances of you forgetting about the important detail or meeting!

For this thing, it is important for you to schedule everything! You can schedule it in your own way by using conventional sources like using a pocket notebook or diary which you can always carry with you or by using online schedulers. There are many schedulers and calendars available only which can be used!

2) Attention Management

Along with time management, it is important for an individual to learn attention management as well. Managing your time and giving it to a particular portion is not the only thing that you require! Along with time managing attention and focus is equally important.

Suppose, you start a particular task but you use a certain amount of time for switching your tasks, ultimately you end up performing at an average level in your task which is not something that you desire.

Instead, you control your focus and attention, stay unbothered by other affairs while you’re performing some task, this helps you to give your best in whatever you’re doing and avoids errors and mishaps!

3) Prioritization method

One of the most important method that you should follow! When distractions come in, they tend to negatively affect your work quality and end up ruining everything. Distractions should be handled carefully in order to enhance your performance.

When prioritization steps in, you can exactly decide that when you have to say “no” to certain things that don’t need your time and attention at the moment.

Instead, you can choose an option to delegate the task where you can transfer the non-priority things to appropriate individuals and deal only with the high priority task at personal level.

4) Follow 2-minute rule when nothing works out

Procrastination is something that should not be entertained. Entrepreneurs tend to procrastinate when there is a lack of attention and focus or they think they have a lot of time left! And most of the time it’s just that you don’t feel like starting with the work.

When you feel this, the 2-minute rule will always help you out. For any of the work that you think of procrastinating, just start devoting 2 minutes to it.

Suppose you want to write a letter, start by giving it 2 minutes and writing a few sentences and you’ll notice that you are finishing the task already!

This rule is not about completing the task just in 2 minutes but actually starting the work instead of delaying it or wasting time figuring out when to start.

5) Allocation of Unstructured Time

The time that is devoted to nothing is an unstructured time! It’s anything aside from the work agenda or personal meetings.

This time belongs to you, and it is important for you to schedule your unstructured time as well. The more time you put in a schedule, the more you get busy and when you get busy it pushes you to physical and mental exhaustion.

Health should always be the first priority. In that case, unstructured time should be used for a nap or it’s the time when you are free, more energetic, refreshed and imaginative so it should be spent in something that you love doing apart from your work, like devoting that time towards your favorite hobbies that help you relax mentally and physically as well.

6) Find ways to automate

Smart work is always better than hard work. Hard work doesn’t equate the hours that you spend working. Instead of struggling with manual laborious hours you can use technology as the advantage!

Now is the time when you don’t need to spend hours to input and extract the data and analyze your business performance.

There are already automated platforms available that manage your data. All you have to do is just figure out about the processes and activities where you can rely on automation which ultimately helps you to save time.

Time is one of the crucial aspects of life which you cannot afford to miss out on! Effective time management not only includes how you schedule your time but it’s also about how you make the use of that time performing in a better manner.

Being an entrepreneur there are always thousands of tasks, ideas, meetings, strategies going in your mind. But amidst all this, you are not supposed to lose your focus and attention and degrade the quality of your work.

By taking the help of technology, you can be streamlined and turn out to be more productive by saving your time.

Best Time Management Books for Entrepreneurs

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  • Successful Time Management for Dummies
  • Time Management: The experts tell all! (Collins Business Secrets)

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