6 Women Who Built Successful Businesses by Age 35

Women Who Built Successful Businesses

Women are increasingly successful entrepreneurs around the world, they are finding it really luratrive to use their business skills, in the field like digital media and in the fashion industry.

Women are coming in all the fields, the latest stats about America shows, there are 7.8 million women entrepreneur around the US.

Some of them are between age of 24 to 34 years of age, the birthday calculator reveals this is quite a young age for a successful businesswomen

6 Women Who Built Successful Businesses

In this article, we are presenting 6 of successful women becoming entrepreneurs at the age of 35.

1. Jennifer Haymen:

The birthday calculator reveals that Jenifer Heyman is just over 32 years of age and running successfully for renting out the event clothing.

This is a unique idea, which was looking dull, but she made it a successful one, and now running a business by the name “Rent the Runway” in Newyork since 2009.

Women do find that purchasing expensive clothing for special events varies little, but renting out such expensive clothing is a great germinating idea and becomes a hit in the city.

2. Julia Hua:

Julia Hua is 27 years and age in months calculator says that she is quite a young woman for maintaining an entrepreneur  status.

She is an employee of Lark technologies and offers personal wellness items with the corporation of Apple technology, the Lark technologies are offering sleep tracker and exercise diet programs the whole system is accessible by the smartphone.

You can find Lark products in major retail stores. This is one of the great success stories of young women.

3. Alexa Von Tobel:

Alexa Von Tobel is a young woman who got a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. The age calculator says she is just 29 years old when you put her birthday in the birthday calculator.

If you find it difficult, how to calculate your age it’s quite simple. Alexa launched his company site in 2009, she is successfully providing financial advice to people regarding their financial issues and getting sustainable profitability.

The company has become registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission last year.

4. Lauren Bush Lauren:

Lauren is just 28 years of age. The age calculator helps to find her exact age. She is the owner of the FEED, which was founded in 2007, and received a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

The company has been able to donate around 60 million children in underprivileged countries and provide them with accessories. The company is also a partner with Disney World, Gap, and Whole Foods.

5. Ooshma Grag:

The Ooshma Grag is the owner of the Gobble, which was founded in 2010, she got a bachelor’s degree from the Standardford university.

The age calculator tells you, she is only 25 years old, and she was able to secure payments of around $ 1.2 million from renowned investors from LinkedIn and Paypal.

6. Hayley Barna:

Hayley Barna is an honor of the BirchBox and founded the company in 2010. She has done Masters’s from Harvard business school, you can use the age calculator to find she is just 29 years of age.

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BirchBox since its launch has expanded to the international markets around the world and has around 10000 subscribers to its website.