7 Character Traits Every Good Employee Should Have

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7 Character Traits Every Good Employee Should Have

Employees play a big role in the success of a business or company. That’s why most employers are always keen to find employees that will help grow their businesses.

When conducting interviews, employers usually look for certain character traits from potential candidates.

You might have all the educational qualifications but fail to impress the recruiter because of undesirable character traits.

It is up to you to demonstrate to your employer that your character is in line with the company’s culture and values.

1. Passionate

This is one of the most important character traits for employees. Passion is a character that makes a difference in employees performing quality work and being committed to the company.

Although an employee without passion can get the job done, their long-term performance will tell the difference.

It won’t take long before they start complaining and showing signs of a lack of motivation. As an employee, it is important to be passionate about what you are doing. This serves as an intrinsic motivation that will drive you to perform better at work.

2. Confident

A confident employee will make their employer confident. If you go to a job interview and you are not confident, your chances of getting that job will be very minimal. However, it is important to strike a balance between confidence and humility.

Too much confidence can sometimes be misconstrued as arrogance. Whether it is during an interview or at work, conduct yourself in a manner that shows you know what you are doing or saying. Your employer will easily trust you with important duties if you are confident.

3. Reliable

Reliability is a very important character trait for employees. Employers love people who they can rely on at any time.

You can easily get promoted if you prove to be a reliable person. The Society for Human Resource Management asserts that employers usually take into account an employee’s reliability when carrying out performance appraisals.

A reliable employee is always available when required to perform duties. You don’t give excuses when called upon by your employer to do something.

4. Team Player

Most jobs require to be accomplished by a group of people. As an employer, you would want to have employees who can easily work together to accomplish tasks. This is a process you can start as early as during the interviews.

You can hire a recruitment agency to help you with hiring and determining the behavior of recruits at that early stage. This might cost you some money but the process is worth it.

You can also conduct behavioral assessments for potential employees. For instance, you can use DISC assessments. Just be sure to make room for a DISC assessment cost in your business’s budget.

5. Honest

Honest employees can make a big difference in an organization. An honest employee doesn’t pretend that things are good when the contrary is true.

For example, if there is pilferage or theft happening in the company, then you must be honest enough to speak out the truth. Don’t be afraid to expose any fishy dealings happening around.

Being honest also means admitting mistakes when you are in the wrong and speaking out against any form of injustice that might be happening to you or your colleagues. Honesty and transparency are some of the most admired character traits by employers.

6. Self-Disciplined

Unlike in university, a workplace doesn’t have a syllabus for the work to be completed. Duties and responsibilities can change from time to time. There’s no one to follow you around every time to ensure you have done your work.

This is why self-discipline is an important character trait for all employees. You must learn how to do things without being reminded or supervised. Employers don’t like employees who need to be pushed to perform their duties.

7. Organized

A good employee is someone who is organized. You should be organized from the way you conduct yourself to the way you communicate your ideas.

You should similarly keep your place or work tidy and ensure your files are well organized be it in the office cabinet or on your personal computer.


In general, there are certain character traits that every good employee must have. These include honesty, self-discipline, confidence, and team player among others. Look for candidates that demonstrate these qualities and match them with the right team.

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