7 Deciding Factors You Must Not Ignore When Selecting A Coworking Space

Do you need clarification about which coworking space to pick for your corporate requirements? Here’s a guide to help you decide.

The concept of traditional office spaces has undergone a remarkable transformation, giving rise to the flourishing trend of coworking spaces. These dynamic and flexible work environments have become a favored choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and established businesses. 

However, amid the burgeoning options available, select the ideal coworking space in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi. It requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure it aligns with your professional needs and goals.

The demand for coworking spaces is rising exponentially in these major cities, especially in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is slowly becoming a den of entrepreneurs, and the demand for coworking space in hyderabad is skyrocketing.

With the rise in demand and rush to get the perfect office for your needs, you might miss out on things you might regret later. This is why we are here!

In this article, we will delve into seven crucial deciding factors you must pay attention to when selecting a coworking space.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a modern concept for most countries at this point. Therefore, you must make good decisions as it can affect your work directly when selecting a space.

Several factors come into play when you search for a coworking space. Given below are some such factors that can help you decide the best for yourself or your organization—

1. Budget

Affordability is always the first factor that can come in the way of any new decision you take for your business.

If you’re choosing to work from a coworking space, the place must promise a higher return on the investment.

This budget must also consider the energy bills, WiFi, and other facilities. Ask the admins if you can get a price cut if you opt out of certain recreational facilities.

Moreover, it is important to understand if the space works on rent or lease—for example, a coworking space functions on a pay-per-day basis.

This can further help you decide on the budget and gives you the flexibility to change your decision whenever you’re out of budget.

2. Ease Of Accessibility

Coworking spaces are mostly located in the main parts of the city or the corporate sectors of the city. However, when you’re assessing the ease of accessibility, it is important to consider several factors:

  • The distance from your residence.
  • The distance from your last office.
  • The availability of conveyance from your residence.
  • The conditions of the locality at any time of the day.
  • The availability of services like restaurants, cafes, and other facilities in the locality.

If you’re moving to a place anew, there comes an obvious comparison strategy with your old place. It also means that all your employees will now have to gather at a different place daily for their work. 

Therefore, it is best to consult about the location of your new coworking space with your employees and family members to find the most suitable option.

3. Amenities

Since this will become the space where you spend most of your day, you will need certain additional facilities that can help you enhance productivity and ease your operations. 

Before selecting a coworking space, check the following amenities:

  • Childcare Services: This is one of the most important factors for working parents.
  • Fitness Room: If you’re working all day, you need space to stretch your muscles and boost your energy.
  • On-Site Cafe: This makes it easy for teams to bond and avail themselves of some productive free time.
  • Catering Services: This can make it easier for employees to maintain their health.
  • Studios For Recording And Shooting: If you’re a media house or podcaster, studios become the most important deciding factor.
  • Spacious Storage: You will need space for your official files, equipment and personal belongings to keep them safe and secure.
  • Pet Corners: Pet parents cannot concentrate leaving their fur babies at home!
  • Parking: This is a deciding factor for all kinds of working spaces.
  • Cleaning Services: It is important that you ensure your health and safety with a reputed commercial cleaning service at work.

4. Your Corner

Coworking spaces have different structures, where each corner comes with a different and unique creativity.

Therefore, it is your task to find the spot where you belong!

You must ensure enough lighting and a comfortable temperature. This view overlooks the streets and the city, away from the noisy coworkers, close but not too close to the washrooms and away from the kids’ section.

Your spot is where you do the actual work. Therefore, any unfavorable condition at this corner might directly affect your productivity and hamper your job.

You can make a contract or a verbal understanding with the coworkers to keep your chosen spot reserved whenever you’re present.

Moreover, you must visit the coworking space before investing monetarily to find out if you have a suitable corner for your work in that space.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility comes in terms of space and time. 

You must consider expanding the space’s flexibility if you’re a structured organization. If you hire more employees or extend your services, you might need more space, and the coworking space company must be able to provide that space for your organization.

A flexible coworking space should be available for work at any time of the day. This is important for double-shift organizations, freelancers and employees who work beyond the general shit times.

You must ask about the timings and get special permission before investing financially.

6. The Administrative Authority

You cannot afford to maintain a peaceful working environment with a coworking space that comes with a problematic admin authority.

This is a subjective understanding that you need to judge the first time you interact with the admins of the place.

Ideally, polite and welcoming individuals who can help you mitigate any possible issue on the floor are preferred by individuals and organizations.

However, the admin facility is often digitized in modern coworking spaces. In that case, make sure that the digital portals run smoothly, and you can file all complaints and present your needs seamlessly.

7. Types Of Organizations Working

When we say coworking spaces, you’ll be working with other organizations with differing values, ethics, market values, styles of operation and strengths.

Therefore, last but not at all the least, you must surely find information on the other companies, freelancers, or individuals working in that place.

It is important taht you gel up well with your coworking organizations and individuals to ensure a smooth functioning for everyone. 

Moreover, if you’re an individual hybrid employee or a freelancer, it is best to look for shared spaces exclusively designed for individuals like you. It can often become extremely overwhelming for solo workers if they share a room with structured organizations.

If your values and operational styles fail to match with your coworking individuals, it can become a demotivating factor, hampering your productivity.

Tick All The Boxes

The place must feel right. This is a decision that can affect your job, your income, your corporate impression and your levels of productivity.

Therefore, when selecting a coworking space, make sure you tick all the boxes green and be able to find a place that helps you maintain your work-life balance.

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