7 Effective Ways to Get People to Remember Your Brand

Remember Your Brand

7 Effective Ways to Get People to Remember Your Brand

Nowadays, you can leverage multiple effective strategies to make people remember what your brand offers and stands for.

Nevertheless, some approaches are more effective than others. Moreover, their effectiveness largely depends on the type of business you operate and the effort you’re willing to make with each strategy.

Here’s a closer look at the seven most effective ways to get people to remember your brand:

1. Provide Solutions To Problems Customers Face

Today’s business environment has largely evolved to become highly competitive in that conventional marketing methods are no longer effective.

Brands no longer focus on themselves; rather, they’ve been forced to shift their focus to delivering value and assisting people in solving their problems.

Therefore, to get people to remember your brand, you must uniquely re-position yourself from the competition and demonstrate the value proposition you’re offering them.

So, you must desist from selling your products and instead focus on offering useful solutions to people’s problems.

Suppose you convince your target audience about the value you’re presenting them and that your primary objective is to deliver solutions to their pains.

So, you don’t need to worry about making sales because your products will automatically start selling themselves.

2. Retarget Your Visitors With An Email Marketing Funnel

Most people who visit your e-commerce website aren’t likely to convert or remember your brand the first time they know of your existence.

Therefore, you must treat their visit as a sales process and collect their email and use them to retarget or use direct mail marketing.

When retargeting them, ensure you don’t just direct them back to your landing page. Instead, ensure you redirect them to various content pages on your e-commerce platform so that they can have a better outlook on your offerings.

That way, you can get the people who visit your e-commerce platform to remember your brand. Another great option is direct mail marketing where you can automate and send out physical postcards to put your message directly in the hands of your customers to drive response and sales. This is a great way to make your brand stand out amongst your competitors.

3. Embrace Sustainable Business Practices

As a result of increased environmental conservation efforts and awareness, many people are shifting their buying behaviors and are only purchasing from eco-friendly brands.

In particular, some groups of people have come together to champion sustainable business practices by promoting brands that embrace sustainability.

Consequently, when a group member finds such brands, they inform other members of the same. Therefore, to get such groups of people to remember your brand, you must embrace eco-friendly practices and communicate the same to your target audience.

4. Ensure You Connect Emotionally With Your Target Audience

There isn’t a perfect way to get people to remember your brand than by connecting with them emotionally and gaining their empathy.

Profitable brands that understand the importance of using emotion to connect with people are always a step ahead of their rivals.

Always remember that most individuals make purchases to get specific emotions. People don’t purchase things; they pay their hard-earned cash to feel happy and boost their dopamine. Using emotions to connect with your audience will get them to remember your brand.

5. Give Your Customers Free Promotional Gifts

Free promotional gifts, including branded mugs, T-shirts, and key tags, are an excellent way to make your brand memorable to your customers and prospects.

Also, you can offer your clients free tote bags or small toys branded with your company’s logo to the little ones. Often, these free promotional gifts are an affordable way to get your logo seen each time they’re used.

Usually, these gifts are given to clients and prospects during trade events, but you don’t have to wait for such events. Instead, you can have your receptionist stock some to issue to some of your regular customers.

6. Always Emphasize The Benefits

People purchase products and services due to the benefits they expect to derive from using them. Therefore, while marketing your products and services, emphasizing what customers will gain helps them to remember your brand.

7. Remain Consistent With Your Brand’s Visuals

People are good at remembering visual content, including images and infographics. Therefore, if you can develop a professional-looking logo, you can get people to remember your brand easily.

Also, ensure all your brand’s visuals are used consistently across all platforms to increase the likelihood of people associating the visuals with your brand whenever they see them online.


The contemporary business environment has significantly evolved. Therefore, you must change the way you market your products and services if you’re keen on making your brand memorable. The above seven strategies can get you started and help you achieve this objective.

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